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Color to go With Dark Green Tile


I don't know what color to paint my kitchen/dining room combination. The floor is dark hunter green tile, the counter tops are also dark green. The cabinets are medium oak stained. Right now the walls (or the whole interior) is painted antique white. I want different colors but I don't know what would really look good with my colors. The hallway and the living room walls would be visible from the kitchen.

Anyone have any ideas? I thought about burgundy but I don't know how it will blend with the rest of the rooms.

Tisha from Earle, AR


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By June (Guest Post) 11/30/2005 Flag

You could try the following colors (not sure if they will match your dining room/living room or not):
1. Rose (like a light pink or clay rose)
2. Sunny yellow (like sunflowers)
3. Blue (like navy)
4. Purple (like burgundy you already mentioned or try either light or deep purple)
5. Black (if it won't make your kitchen too dark)
Use the free paint chips from your hardware or paint store to see if you can live with the colors before you commit.
Have fun!

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By Heather 1 6 11/30/2005 Flag

I would say try pastel colors. Like yellow, green (which would be a mint green color) orange? It's hard to say without being able to see paint samples next to the dark green color. Go to your local paint store and get a bunch of different sample tiles that are different colors and take them home and test them out next to you green tiles. Hope I was helpful to you.

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By Linda Howe 35 11/30/2005 Flag

Find a picture, or a piece of patterned cloth, that has the same color as your dark green tiles. You will find other colors in the picture that go with it.

Make sure to take the picture into the other rooms to see that the color you have chosen looks well in there too.

Once you have chosen the color take the picture to the paint store so they can match it for you.

Your kitchen will be beautiful and your picture now has a room that was designed around it!

Love & Prayers,

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By April 7 63 11/30/2005 Flag

Oh I wish my floor and counters were green! I would paint the walls orange. Hunter green and orange are Roycroft Pottery colors. Or if your kitchen is small I would go with a lime green.

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By Faye Lewis 5 7 12/04/2005 Flag

I have dark green tile and counters in my kitchen. The walls are painted a medium pale yellow. They look great together! I also have the same cabinets as you. It looked so good, I carpeted the house with dark green carpet. We've been loving it for years.

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By T. (Guest Post) 07/25/2008 Flag

Try the paint called OATMEAL by Kelly moore

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