Dealing With Foot Odor From Work Boots

I would like to know if anyone out there has any advice to get rid of foot odor. My son has a problem with excessive sweat when wearing his steel-toed boots to work. I would apperciate any help on this matter. Thank You.

Pat from Alberta

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Most importantly, he needs good, absorbent socks made mostly of cotton to soak up the sweat. The WorkHorse ones with Cushioned soles are pretty good. He needs to use fresh, clean socks each day.

There are sprays you can get that will eliminate the odor. Spritzing some rubbing alcohol into the boots each night might also help.

If his feet sweat excessively, a doctor may be able to help. Apart from that, antiperspirant may be helpful.

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Before you purchase expensive foot powders, sprays, etc. try this. It worked wonders at our house expecially for my husband who worked construction and wore heavy boots. He too had a big problem from sweating. He began wearing only white socks to work and I sprinkled baking soda into his boots at night. It didn't take too many days for me to notice that the strong unpleasant odors were gone when he removed his boots. I used it also because I had the same problem when wearing nylons. It was a simple solution to a BIG problem for both of us.

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All of the above tips are great! Your husband can also spray antiperspirant on his feet before putting his socks on. This works for my better half!

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Try too sprinkle some baking soda in the boot & put some alchole on your foot it works for me now.

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Hi Pat!

Many athletes and working people suffer from problems caused by one nasty little foot fungus. I suffered for years until I decided to experiment and figure out what in heck caused the problem. The problem, dear Pat, is damp socks and shoes caused by foot sweat, which creates a great environment for foot fungus. All you have to do to stop the problem is use Arm and Hammer anti-perspirant on your feet. It helps to keep your feet dry and that in turn blocks foot odor and foot fungus. You will feel relief within two weeks. Arm and Hammer baking soda also works.

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Why not fill two old socks with baking soda, then when he takes off his boots, he can put the socks in them to absorb the odor.

I know it sounds expensive, but, if you can afford another pair of boots, trading days of wearing the boots will give one pair a chance to dry out while he is wearing the other pair. Letting one pair get truly dried out and having the baking powder socks in them should solve the problem.

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Everyday after removing your shoes, wipe your feet, especially between the toes, with rubbing alcohol. This will kill any odor-causing bacteria. You might try wiping the inside of your shoes too so you don't re-infect yourself every time you wear those shoes. My husband had awful, smell across the room, type foot odor before starting this regimen and now it is totally gone.

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I used Alum Salt in my work booths, put a small amount into the booth then wear them, Do this for a while and the smell will go away.

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I don't know if this works or not but I've heard some people say that to avoid bad foot odor to take knee high nylons and fill them with cat litter and place them in your shoes every night and every so often replace with new cat litter. It might work. Try it. Let men know if it works!!!

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(Sent in by Email)

To remove foot odor from work boots, spray gym shoes and/or boot insides with Lysol and air boots out a minimum of 24 hours to kill the fungus or you could develope a serious athletes foot condition.


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Charcoal will absorb the bad odors. Just put some chunks of charcoal in a mesh bag inside the shoes each night. Charcoal is what Dr. Scholls puts inside their inserts specially made for smelly feet.

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My husband, also, wears steel toed boots to work. Because his feet sweat so much, he bought a 'boot dryer'. I think it was from When he gets home from work he plugs in the boot dryer and puts his work boots on it, by morning the boots are dry again for him to wear. Also, because his feet sweat so bad, he was advised by a pal, in the medical field, to wear wool socks like hikers use. Since he got the wool socks, his feet don't bother him like they use to. (we live in the desert, hubby was real hesitant on the wool socks, but glad after they do so well for him.) Hope this helps someone.

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I use a crystal spray every day (available from pharmacies). Similar to the crystal stick deodorants out there but in spray form. This is a deodorant that comes in regular or sensitive. Your feet are supposed to sweat every day, that's normal but this spray doesn't let the bacteria grow and therefore there is no smell. Use every morning, let your feet dry and then put on your shoes as normal.

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Use FOOT FRESH herbal cream deodorant available at I am the manufacturer of this product which has a money-back guarantee. It only requires weekly application.

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Sprinkle Alum in your shoes and it will take the odor out of your shoes.

Thanks to Tammi for this information!

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Smelly feet: If the 250,000 sweat glands in your feet cause excessive sweating or if you wear damp socks or shoes for too long, your feet can stink. The solution? Zap the overgrowth of stinky bacteria: After washing and drying your feet, apply a diluted solution of lemongrass oil or verbena oil.

Underarm odor: Anxiety, hormones, and armpit hair can turn your sweat sour. Wildly overactive sweat glands (i.e., hyperhidrosis) can also cause underarm odor. Most folks need deodorants, not antiperspirants, but if you really suffer from armpit odor, try a boric acid or tannic acid solution. Still dripping? Put on 20% aluminum at night and wash it off in the morning, or try antibiotic creams to kill multiplying bacteria. If you have hyperhidrosis, Botox turns off the faucet. Beta-blockers (high blood pressure medication) can help relieve chronic, stress-related sweating.

Bad breath and flatulence: What you eat fuels bad breath and flatulence. Food odors -- onions, garlic, and curry, for example -- pass into your bloodstream and the aromas are exhaled from your lungs. The intestines pump out methane when you cant cope with carbs or dont have good bacteria in your guts. Remedy bad breath by flossing, brushing teeth and tongue, and drinking plenty of water. For flatulence, try Beano and probiotics (spore forms).

Source: real

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March 6, 2005
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