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Red Dirt Stains on Clothing


How do i remove red dirt stains from socks and t-shirts?

Thank you,
jeepr04 from South Carolina


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By Susan Cantrell 1 09/04/2006

I always used a bar of plain bath soap to remove red dirt from my son's ball uniforms.

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By Tina Brown 5 100 09/04/2006

I found that Shout worked well on red dirt when my son played baseball, they always had white pants, so irritating to try to keep them clean. But now that oxyclean has a laundry additive, I would give that a try. I recently bought some and tried it and it has removed old stains, not red dirt, I haven't tried it on that as of yet.
Hope this helps.

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By Paula Jo Carr (Guest Post) 09/06/2006

Buy some OxiClean additive (you'll never be sorry).

A women who's boys played softball on a red dirt field in western NC told me that "she never had a problem getting any of the red clay out of their uniforms".

Convinced me (my husband works on hydrolic machinery with lots of oil) so I bought some, used it AND LOVE IT! I promise you will too!

Forget about borax, forget about clorox buy this'll never go back to them again!

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 09/06/2006

I tried bleach, oxyclean, baking soda with white vinegar; did not work my doggie jumped on me getting those red dirt/clay prints on my white t shirt
and 3 years later the little prints are still there.
Sometimes if they dry first or go through dryer before you catch it it sets in.

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By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post) 09/07/2006

Don't know if this product is still on the market, but back when my son was in Little League, you could purchase a liquid, color-safe "bleach" called Vivid. It came in a bright yellow pastic bottle. I would pre-treat with that, rub it in with an old toothbrush and let it sit for awhile (overnight if possible), then wash. It worled like a charm!

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