Yellow Finches Stopped Coming


I live in Charlotte, NC. I placed a feeder in my yard and attracted a lot of yellow finches. I replaced the food with a different brand and they stopped coming around. I then got the food they liked and I cleaned the feeder really well. They are not coming around anymore. What am I doing wrong? Do they only come around in the summer?



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Most birds are seasonal ... I don't think they care which kind of seed you feed them so don't worry about their 'favorite' :-)

I also would not be cleaning their feeder except in the Fall and place back out and not touch until the following Fall (except pouring food) because many birds are 'turned off' from the human scent and scent of any chemicals ...

PS ... The yellow Finches in my area were only here for about six weeks ...

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By susan 8 1,368 09/11/2008

Our yellow finches stay year round, but the change color somewhat in the fall/winter months. I'm not sure why, but unless you're expecting it, you may not think they're the same birds.

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By Janet 11 717 09/12/2008

I am in Massachusetts & this was the 1st year only a few (2 or 3) finches showed up. We had the special food, but just a few of the yellow finches & no purple ones.

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By Maggie Gervais 05/24/2009

Don't dismay. They will return in the June/July timeframe. They go up to the mountains for about six to eight weeks and then come back down and stay for the rest of the summer.

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By Maureen 06/12/2011

Mine (goldfinches) disappeared too and still aren't at the feeders in the numbers that they were earlier in spring (this is Ohio). They are busy building nests, tending babies and finding other natural food sources. My house finches are still here (maybe the ones you referred to as your "red" finches?).

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By julie [6] 06/07/2012

This happened to us when a range different predatory and just larger birds moved into our place -visiting regularly because we put bird water stands out. We no longer get finches and wrens but now get 6 different types of beautiful parrots.

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