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I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get rid of moles and skin tags?

Sherri from Columbus, OH



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By (Guest Post) 10/03/2008 Flag

Go to a dermatologist. He can freeze the skin tags with liquid nitrogen. I have some of my tags done this way. I don't know if a dematologist would do any thing with the moles unless they looked cancerous. Usually doing cosmetic stuff to the skin can leave the skin lighter. So have it done in an area that would not show. Only dermatologist can give you the best advise.

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By Rebecca White 1 10/03/2008 Flag

Young Living Essential Oils can remove moles and skin tags. Thier Oregano and Frankensense oils have done it, but you need to be careful, because the oregano is a hot oil. Putting a tiny bit of oil on the tag or mole 2 times a day will shrink them till they disappear, although it may take a few months with some. The Young Living oils are not cheap, but they work because they are pure and high quality. I would not use another brand.

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By metroplex 82 416 10/03/2008 Flag

There is product you can buy in the health food store that has 'thula' in it. Sorry, but I don't know the brand, but the clerks will be able to direct you.

The only thing you should know is that a GNC-type health food store (like we have in the shopping malls here in Houston, Texas, USA) won't have it. I go to Whole Foods Market to buy anything like this. They also have a web site. My husband is plagued by them too.

Somewhere on Thriftyfun this subject is discussed in length and I THINK, DON'T QUOTE ME, that someone mentioned putting duct tape on them with great results. I wouldn't trust my memory if I were you, though!

Good luck! Smoochie :)

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By Becca (Guest Post) 10/03/2008 Flag

Depending on the type of moles (mine was flat/raised, not taggish), you can use a caustic material. Just scratch up the mole with a thumbtack or something alike. Apply caustic material (I used Armour Etch for etching glass) ONLY to the mole. Let it sit, it will burn a bit and turn green and VERY nasty looking then it'll turn green/gray, wipe it off and wash area with water.

It takes a few days or whatever to scab over then it'll be a pinkish color for a few weeks then it will be completely unnoticeable. I have done this to 4 moles with GREAT results. However, I do not know the health risks the substance creates. I am doing fine.

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By April 187 452 10/03/2008 Flag

Be careful. A friend of mine kept removing a persent one herself and later found out it was cancerous. Her doctor said she was not his only patient to do this. Hers was on her face. She later had more come up and had them checked-they were also cancerous.

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By Sandee McMinn 1 10/03/2008 Flag

I wouldn't touch a mole, BUT skin tags I would and have several times. If you can reach it, tie a piece os sewing thread around it. Just tight enough that you feel it. It shouldn't hurt. Over a few to several days the "tag" will die (turn black) and drop off. It's gone. The thread cuts off the tags blood supply. I've been told this is how it was done in the "old" days. If you can't reach it, you can always get somebody to tie a piece of thread around it. I think it's a waste of money to pay a doctor to do this, unless it's at a really bad place.
Years ago when I was pregnant, I had a tag on my upper thigh. It was bigger than usual and it would blow up like a balloon, from pregancy pressure I guess. I tied it up and it took at least a week before it dropped off. It never grew back either. This was the first time I tied one and had never heard of doing this. I thought it was something I came up with.
Try it on one and see what happens. DO NOT do anything to a mole.

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By Susan (Guest Post) 10/04/2008 Flag

My doctor said the same thing about skin tags. I went in for one that I had on my bra line and it was hurting when I wore a bra. My doctor tied a string around it and sent me home. I said to him "And this is what you get paid the big bucks for?" But you know what? It worked. And it never grew back either.

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By Elaine 173 890 10/04/2008 Flag

My daughter, when she was a baby had one on her little finger and the doctor tied the string around it. Trouble is, he didn't do it tight enough and it was off her hand before she got home. But it is supposed to work

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By Lydia 2 9 10/04/2008 Flag

I know what you mean I have a BIG mole on my face! You can get laser surgery! Hope this helps! -Lilly from Paris, France

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By (Guest Post) 10/05/2008 Flag

I have never tried this with moles but it works great on skin tags. Use the thinnest (non-waxed) dental floss you can find. Tie the floss as close to the base of the skin tag as possible. Leave long strings on either side to pull. Tighten the floss as tight as possible. (You will feel some pain, but the technique is to get it as tight as possible as quickly as possible) If the tags do not "snap" when you first tighten them, then they will dry up and drop off in about 2-3 days. Tying the tags tight keeps them from bleeding. Once the blood flow is cut off they will drop off with no scarring.

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By Eva (Guest Post) 10/05/2008 Flag

My Dr. recommended tying dental floss around a skin tag. Worked for me.

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By Mary LaCaze 28 80 10/06/2008 Flag

We've removed skin tags for years by tightly tying quilting thread around the base of it while pinching and lifting the 'tag' upwards. Put ice on big ones first, just to numb it a bit for the squeemish. Putting on a drop of Compound W wart remover seemed to speed things up a bit, too. The tags always dropped off in a few days with very little pain or annoyance. However, one time, I asked my doctor to 'freeze' off several and it hurt like crazy for hours, and seemed to take longer for them to go away. When we're SURE they are just skin tags, we always go with quilting thread from any sewing department as it is small enough yet strong enough to tie tightly. I tie a knot around the tag, then another knot or two at the side so it won't come loose, and cut it a little ways back from the knots. A drop of clear nail polish will also keep the knot tight, and we've used a bandaid over it if it rubs on clothing.

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By Linda/Saratoga AR (Guest Post) 10/06/2008 Flag

For skin tags I use my nail clippers. If you can get to the skin tag easily and are able to see it good, you can just lift it and clip it off with the nail clippers. It might bleed a bit, but not a lot and it will stop quickly if it does bleed. I have done this over my eye (on the lid) and at my bra line, and on my neck. My tags sometimes itch terribly and swell up (even tho still very small) with blood and then seem to go back to normal. I'm not sure what causes this, but then I just clip them off. Good luck!

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10/10/2008 Flag

Any raised mole or any changed surface mole should always be looked at by a doctor because it could be a sign of skin cancer :-( Be safe and don't mess around with them! If you want to learn more about the subject do a thorough google search about skin moles and cancer ... There are lots of sites that even show photos of what to worry about ... I have hundreds of unraised moles but had one raised one that the doctor removed for biopsy. I also have one unraised mole that changes over time (for two decades now)and I definitely keep an eye on it and having looked at photos on websites gave me enough knowledge to know whether or not it has become one to worry about.

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By Tania (Guest Post) 10/14/2008 Flag

I would agree that all moles should be looked at by a doctor. I have removed skin tags with great success by using apple cider vinegar. Just dampen a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar (I prefer using braggs apple cider vinegar but store brand also works). Do not use a soaking wet cotton ball. It will irritate your skin. Place the cotton ball on the skin tag and keep it in place with a band-aid or medical tape. Keep it on for 15 minutes, twice a day. The skin tag should come off within 3-5 days. It will change to a gray then black color. It should fall or rub right off. I've heard this works for moles too, just be sure it's non-cancerous!

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Archive: Moles on Skin

I am African American and my dad has moles, so of course I get them. But how can I get rid of them without having marks?

Binski from Detroit Michigan


RE: Moles on Skin

I can tell you what not to do. I went to a dermatologist who lasered mine off. Yes, they are gone, however they left equally offensive white marks. The same thing happened to my sister. Not my idea of a great solution. (08/30/2006)

By Claudia- MD

RE: Moles on Skin

Because moles can be cancerous, I do think you should see a dermatologist, but I think I would want an African-American dermatologist. Just guessing, but with skin color important, it seems to me a specialist with the same type skin/color would have specialized even more. Also, with the propensity of scarring (keloid) with African American skin, that specialist dermatologist would be more aware and should do a tip top job. Just an opinion from an RN of 29 years.
Good luck. (08/30/2006)

By 2oma

RE: Moles on Skin

Take no chances and don't scratch them, because they can turn cancerous and not heal but rather spread. They are likely virus by nature. God bless you. (09/05/2006)

By Lynda

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