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Removing Film from Mason Jars

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How can I get the film off old Mason jars? They have been in my father-in-laws cellar for several years. I have tried soaking them in Lime Away for a week. I scrubbed them with Comet. I even soaked them in soapy water. They still have a film on them. Any suggestions would be great.

By wiedy34


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By Chuck [18]09/01/2009

Soak or scrub with acetone. Outside. If that doesn't remove it nothing will.

By Betty [104]09/01/2009

I'd try vinegar if you haven't already. But the denture cleaner, as one mentioned, seems like a possibility too.

By Noella [9]09/01/2009

You might try Barkeepers Friend, don't know if it'll work or not, but it's worth a try. Also, there is a product at the auto store to clean headlights - but it's probably made for plastic. Depending on the emotional value, it'd probably be cheaper to buy new jars.

By Susan Mickelson [6]09/01/2009

If the film is on the inside, try denture cleaning tabs.

By PENNY K [15]08/31/2009

Or try soaking them in soapy water with a little ammonia. Leave the house while they soak. If they are etched, this will not help. By soapy water, I mean regular dish detergent, preferably Dawn. It gets out/off a lot of stuff other soaps won't.

By belinda [2]08/31/2009

I would try soaking them in a mixture of borax and hot water.

By Jean [2]08/31/2009

They probably have what is called "etching". It's usually caused by washing in the dishwasher - usually from soft water & too much detergent. This will not come off. So you either have to live with it or buy new jars. Sorry.

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