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Fish Smell on Clothing


My ever inquisitive son must have opened a fish-oil capsule on his jeans, which I have washed twice and dried once. They still stink. How can I get rid of this smell?

By Sandy from WI


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By jc 2 6 12/24/2010

Try spraying it with Febreeze?

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Archive: Removing Fish Smell From Laundry

My Husband got fish oil on his shorts while he was fishing. I put the shorts in the laundry and now my whole load stinks. Help!

Kim from Florida

RE: Removing Fish Smell From Laundry

Vinegar or baking soda combo will help. Good Luck. (05/23/2005)

By meoowmom

RE: Removing Fish Smell From Laundry

I am having the same problem with the fish oils on clothes. Try soaking them in lemon juice before washing them. I know the lemon juice takes the smell off your hands. (08/23/2005)

By Amy C.

RE: Removing Fish Smell from Carpet

I'd try lemon juice, let it dry, then baking soda after that. You can buy bottled lemon juice or squeeze your own. Don't use any with sugar in it or it will make the rug sticky. (10/12/2005)

By Susan from ThriftyFun

RE: Removing Fish Smell From Laundry

My son put a fish oil capsule in his pocket (omega 3). The smell is horrible. I used Mr. Clean antibacterial (about a cup), and soaked it over night. That finally did it. (01/24/2006)

By kayce

RE: Removing Fish Smell From Laundry

I came to this site looking for advice to get that fish smell out of silk shirts. I have been a previous victum of the "smell". On limited time and a need for action, this is what my wife and I did. First we sprayed the shirt with Fabreze, next we washed it in Wisk Detergent, third we sprayed it with Fabreze again and let it dry for 1/2 hour. When I wore the shirt it did not smell like fish or Fabreze. Just posting this because it was simple, quick, and maybe it will help someone else too. (06/15/2006)

By Roadrunner

RE: Removing Fish Smell From Laundry

I had a fish oil capsule break apart in my pants pocket. After reading all the posts here, here's how I got the stink out: Go out and get a gallon of plain vinegar. Put the smelly clothes in your washer on LOW water level setting, warm water wash. Use laundrey detergent with plenty (about 1 - 2 cups) vinegar. Same amount in rinse. Repeat until smell is gone. Should be gone after 2 cycles. You should have some vinegar left over! (09/14/2006)

By frk040

Archive: Fish Smell on Clothing

Fish Smell on Clothing. I have a fish smell that I can't get out of a black sweat shirt. Does vinegar ruin the color? It is black with a blue and white motif.


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