Homemade Reed Diffusers

Reed diffuser and violets.

These decorative air fresheners are fun and easy to make using your favorite essential oil and reeds. This is a guide about homemade reed diffusers.


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Tip: DIY Reed Diffuser

These reed diffusers can be quite expensive, but I found a way to do them for just a few dollars and you get the same effect. For maximum scent, make sure the skewers stick out several inches from the top of your container.

Pour your choice of scented oil into a container until it is about 75% full. Use a glass bottle or a vase with a small neck opening. Then stick your bamboo skewers inside. I used lavendar and lemon, use whatever you like. After an hour flip skewers over to saturate the parts that stick out the top above oil level. This speeds up the process of oil soaking up from the bottom and diffussing the entire skewer.

After they have dried, decorate with little washi tape flags if you like. Within 2 hours, you will notice a light fragrance in your room. Rotate ends about once a month to refresh. Works very well!

    By coville123 [326]

    Tip: Craft: Chopsticks Diffuser Jar

    chopstick diffuserSomeone asked a question as a recent TF Craft request about ideas for reusing chop sticks. I came up with an idea and figure I might as well also submit it as a recycle tip.

    If the chopsticks are porous and non-coated wood ones you can place them in a jar or vase and add diffuser oil to use them the same way as a reed diffuser. A jar or vase with a smaller opening at the top would be better because it would keep the diffuser oil from evaporating as quickly.

    The picture here is a simple, non-fancified example to show you and I don't have any diffuser oil on hand so used water instead. ;-)

    By Deeli from Richland, WA

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    Question: Reed Diffuser Oils

    Does anyone know what kind of oil is used in the reed diffuser bottles? I've found sets, but would like to refill the bottles with the bamboo reeds already in them. My oil ran out. Can I use Potpourri oil, or something similar? Thanks.

    Kim from Crawford, CO


    Most Recent Answer

    By Ginni Selby10/04/2013

    Kim, most of the discount stores in Delta have the small bottles of diffuser oils to use in these.

    Question: Homemade Reed Diffusers

    How do you make reed diffusers at home? I love them but they can be expensive for the whole house.

    Linda from Lewes, DE


    Most Recent Answer

    By Dilworth Granny (Guest Post)09/24/2008

    I buy small jars at the dollar store, nice smelling liquid pot-pourri and cut the pointed end off bamboo skewers. If you need to fill in the top so it's not so open, use a cork and either poke the skewers through or cut a large hole in the middle. Costs about 1/8th of the packaged diffusers and you can use any "flavor" of liquid.

    Question: Making Room Diffusers From Wooden Skewers

    Does anyone have instructions for making room diffusers from wooden skewers in a bottle of scented liquid, similar to reed room diffusers?

    Marie from Fennville, MI

    Most Recent Answer

    By Susan05/25/2007


    Try this one...I love the diffusers also!

    Question: Making a Base for Fragrance Oil Reed Diffusers

    How do I make the base for the fragrance oil used in the reed diffusers?

    P Sanders from Deep South Mississippi

    Most Recent Answer

    By Sally E. Greer (Guest Post)09/23/2008

    HI All..Its not alcohol, that is used in the Berger lamp recipe that I have for the fragrant lamps. I had to buy the blank base then add my oil to make up my fragrance for my reeds. Directions on bottle to how much ratio base to fragrant oil. I gave up on lamps as the stones were always getting clogged even after setting in alcohol to clean them. They worked great in the beginning when new. Now I'm into the reeds.