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Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting


I am 52 years old and have gained a lot of weight due to medications. My problem is that now I can't walk over 2 minutes at a time. Does anyone know any sitting exercises that would help me and also if these very short walks help at all for my health sake. Thanks and God bless!

Debra from Hampton, Tenn



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By k w (Guest Post) 01/25/2009

Yes, any time you are moving your body it helps so keep moving you will get better, good luck.

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By Georgina (Guest Post) 01/27/2009

Find the program called "Sit and be Fit" from Seattle. Worth doing for any energy level. It is a PBS program

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By Sheryl 1 16 01/27/2009

I would recommend to start. . . go to Walmart and get one of those small bike pedals. Not the exercise bike, but you can buy just the exercise pedal for under $20. I use this all the time while watching TV, knitting, on the computer, whatever, wherever.

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 01/28/2009

I have the same problem (asthma medication). The most important thing is your heart and lungs. My doctor suggested a stationery bike, it is exercise but also keeps your heart and lungs moving.

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By LEONA LABINE 46 398 01/28/2009

Sorry, I meant to add this to my last post. Any walk either 2 minutes or 20 minutes is good for you. I couldn't even walk a block but after using the stationery bike and have moved on to the treadmill, I can now go 30 minutes on the treadmill. When I started on the treadmill I did 2 minutes and could hardly breath. I don't know how many times I wanted to quit. Even if you use the bike or the treadmill 2 or 3 times a week it will get easier. I promise you.

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By rad (Guest Post) 01/28/2009

I bought an Exerciser 2000 Elite from Clark Enterpises, (on line) advertised in the Readers Digest. It is a passive exerciser, you lay onthe floor and it moves your whole body in a sepntine motion. It isn't cheap, but it feels so good while being massaged and the blood circulates.You can try it free with postage paid both directions. There are similar machines for less by other manufacturers, i believe. I bought mine used from Clark. I really love it. I am 67 and have foot problems.

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By Louise B. 6 2,541 01/28/2009

There are exercises such as Tai Chi that can be done while sitting. You can get books or take a class. Doing arm exercises with free weights are also very helpful. Again, there may be a class in your community, or you could find a book at a large bookstore where they have sections on physical fitness and exercise.

I think that any sort of walking will be helpful. Good luck to you.

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By Dannielle (Guest Post) 02/01/2009

A lady that I talk to on lost 100 pounds doing she said that it was easy on her knees and lower back, but active enough to help her drop 100 pounds.

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By Laurie 44 150 02/02/2009

Tightening your stomach muscles for 5 secs is equal to doing 1 sit-up.

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Archive: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

I have arthritis of the spine and knees, which makes it too painful to walk or stand for over 1 minute at a time. I worry about no exercise harming my heart. Is there any exercise that can be done while sitting down that would strengthen the heart and lungs? God bless you for your help.

Debra from Hampton, TN


RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

First check with your doctor. No need to buy hand weights. Take two sixteen ounce cans and raise them above your head. Try ten times and work up slowly. You could do curls with them. Hold each can flat in each hand and curl the hand toward your chest. Hold cans out to sides and bring together in front of your body. These would be good for a start. Just remember to work up slowly. (04/07/2008)

By Pat

RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

Sit on a sturdy chair on a non-slip surface. Grip the sides or front, scoot to the front. Now you can do dips by sliding off the front and slowly lowering yourself a little, then press yourself back up with your arms. You can do several types of leg lifts, either lifting your entire leg or both legs together, or straighten your lower leg, and many varieties of the two together.

Try standing push ups. Stand a foot or so from a wall. Place your hands on the wall a comfortable distance apart. Lean toward the wall, the press yourself away again. Easy to rebuild strength without having to get up and down. Do seated torso twists and leans, either with or without holding a towel or other cloth. (04/07/2008)

By Brandy

RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

I agree that you should check with your Dr. first, but maybe this idea will help. My mother has become quite sedintary and as a result she has a hard time moving and has gained quite a bit of weight. She has decided to "get off her duff" but it's very hard now. We bought for her a foot pedal thing that is like a bike but it just sits on the floor and you can sit in a chair or on the couch and pedal as fast or as slow as you want. It does move the knees but there is very little weight on them so it isn't too hard. She does it for about 2 minutes several times a day. Better than nothing and gives her heart some exercise. (04/07/2008)

By Glenn's Mom

RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

You can get videos of chair exercises that are really good. We use some at the assisted living home where I work. (04/09/2008)

By tedsmom

RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

I go to a class at my senior center called PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise). It's about an hour long and they maintain that when you finish you've exercised every muscle in your body. Most of it is sitting down, but there are a few "hold on to the chair" type exercises. I don't do some of the more active stuff, but it works wonders. Several of our hospitals have the same program. It's sponsored by the National Arthritis Association. (04/09/2008)

By Nancy in MO

RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

I bought a $10 exercise ball at Wal-mart. It says to bounce on it gently for a while to get aerobic work out. It's easy and gentle. Also, maybe you could do water aerobics. They usually have them at the Y. Hope you find something that works for you. (04/09/2008)

By velsgal

RE: Exercises That Can be Done While Sitting

Sit and Be Fit, has been on public tv for decades. It's a half-hour program and you can go at your own speed. The nice librarians at your public library will help you find a CD of it or something similar you can use. Save your money until you're sure that's what you want and can use. (04/11/2008)

By Jantoo

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