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Cleaning a Dog Kennel

Lab in a kennel.

When dogs need to be kenneled, it is important to keep their environment clean and safe to maintain their health. This guide is about cleaning a dog kennel.



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Question: Removing Dog Urine Smell from Wood Kennel Floor

I have dog kennel with a wood floor. How do I get rid of the urine smell that's in the wood?

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Question: Cleaning Recipe to Disinfect Dog Kennels

I volunteer with a human society. I have been using their mixture of bleach and water to clean and disinfect the dog crates and kennels. I personally do no use bleach in my home life, and would like to know if there is a recipe that I could make to disinfect the kennels.

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Question: Antibacterial Cleaner for a Dog Kennel

My 5 month old pup is in an outdoor kennel during the day. The ground cover is pea gravel. I clean up everyday, but was wondering if there was a home made antibacterial I could sprinkle or spray on weekly? Or any other suggestions to keep away unwanted bugs/flies?

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Question: Cleaning Out Waste in Dog Kennel

I am setting up a new kennel in the yard for my Sheltie, Blue. How should I keep it clean? Is there a system that can have the waste washed into or do I have to scoop

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Question: How Do I Control Dog Urine and Feces Odor in Dirt Floored Kennel?

I have an outside kennel with a dirt and grass floor. Is there any product that I can use that is safe for my 2 dogs that will help or eliminate the urine and feces odor that comes from the kennel?

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Question: Removing Pet Odors from Outside Dog Run Naturally

We have a very small kennel run and cannot thoroughly clean it with water but once a week at best. We really hate using chemicals, but would like to find something natural and very safe for our kids. What do you know that we don't?

By grannylovesme

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Most Recent Answer

By nelliemary 22 63 01/28/2014

Use white vinegar mixed with water. I clean up after my dogs with it all the time.

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Question: Getting Rid of Dog Odors in a Kennel

How do you get rid of excessive dog odor in a kennel? We have English bulldogs, and sometimes the dog odor is almost unbearable. It is not a urine or feces odor, but just the dog smell. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Question: Getting Rid of Odor in Outside Dog Kennel

I want to eliminate the dog smell in the dirt and grass of the kennel. Will white powder lime work an will it harm my dogs?

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