Can you add fragrance oils to used candle wax?


Can you add fragrance oils to used candle wax? I am looking for something or some way to get my home to smell like a candle shop around the clock. Or, where can I buy candles that will maintain their scent until they burn out?




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By Lynn Block 1 4 07/19/2006

Look in the craft section of WalMart or your local craft/fabric store. In the candle-making section they sell small bottles of fragrance oil just for candles. They are inexpensive, as they last a very long time and have a strong fragrance. I love that I can choose my favorite scent with any color that matches my decor - like lavender scent in a yellow candle. Have fun!

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By Carrie Nowlin (Guest Post) 07/19/2006

I am an independent distributor for Scent-Sations, Inc. They make a soy-veggie candle that smells great right to the bottom! I have never experienced a candle so fragrant that lasts so long. They last 50% longer than regular candles, and there is virtually no soot residue. I was so convinced of their quality and worth, I decided to join them. Everyone who buys them is amazed. Go to www.purescentsathome.com where you can learn more and purchase these wonderful candles!

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By bobbie (Guest Post) 07/19/2006

Partylite candles last the whole entire time, and there is no wax in the holder. It burns all gone.

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By Glenda 18 07/20/2006

I have added oil to my candles right after burning them for a while. That way the oil goes into the cooling wax. Seemed to work fine. You can purchase candles from Partylite that keeps their smell right up until the last drop of oil. Pricey but well worth the cost as the candles with aroma last a long time.

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By (Guest Post) 10/25/2006

I make candles and the rule of thumb for most any wax is 1/2 oz to 1 ounces FO to 1 lb of wax .So weigh your wax and go from there .I would be careful adding it to the wax pool it could give you flareups,not all oils have the same flash points and never use orange EO it will give you a fuel smell and flare ups , and that would not be good .Most Essential oils are safe though just do a little research if you want to use them .But go ahead melt those old candles ,have fun with your own combinations .

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By John (Guest Post) 12/22/2008

I use oils from a company called My Best Scents. The oils are very strong and when added to my candles that didn't have a strong scent they smell great for hours. www.mybestscents.com Send them an email

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