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Using an "Old Fashioned" Push Mower - Reel Lawn Mowers

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I want to use a reel push mower, but I live in FL (kinda new here) and have never cut the grass here. It's the coarse thick stuff. Can I use a push mower effectively on this type of grass?

Hardiness Zone: 10a

By Debbie from Ft Myers, FL


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By Joan [13]11/29/2010

That is the only kind of mower that people used to have, and this was back in the day when the only green some people had in their yards was actually wild grass. I'm sure some of those grasses were like you described.


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Archive: Using an "Old Fashioned" Push Mower - Reel Lawn Mowers

Has anyone used or uses a retro push mower? I am talking about the "old fashioned" ones that you push without gas and are now made of light weight metal?


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