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Egg Whites for Wrinkles

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To stretch those unwanted facial wrinkles---Just spread egg whites on your face and forehead. Let it dry and in 5 mins. Scrape the inner covering of the eggshell and spread it on your most wrinkled area. Leave for 3 mins. Wash with lukewarm water and soap. And finally with cold water.

By Mary May


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By Mouni C.01/03/2014

Hi merza mam. It's so great to look like 27 @ 40. I want to be the same. So please give me tips to look younger like you when I cross my 30 or 40, I will follow it from now. I am 21 now but I look more aged than 21, so please help me out and even suggest me good vit e oil please. I seriously need your tips for looking young.

By Monica06/23/2010

I used this method when I was in high school. I tried it again tonight because I ran out of my expensive face cream. It was great to be able to feel your skin really do something, I also thought I would try it on my hands because the older you get your hands tell your age. I suggest you to try it at least for a month I'll keep you up dated.

By Theresa Garcia11/16/2009

I use liquid egg whites that come in a small container. This way I'm not wasting fresh eggs.

By Gabriela (Guest Post)09/09/2008

This is really great! It really does work! We made an experiment about this stuff by following the directions and the results was great. Everyone should try this.

By mreza (Guest Post)03/20/2008

I used egg whites all over my face as a mask. I also used it in combination with or mix honey, milk, egg whites and a small amount of your favorite oil. Hydrates the face well. Also makes your face softer and subtle. The egg whites you can place on the eye area wait for it to dry and add honey on the eye area. Very sticky I know! however remember this it is great for your skin. You can use the egg white alone or with cucumbers on your eyes about 3 x times a week. I'm 40 years old. And everyone till this day thinks Im 27. I also use alot of Vitamin E oil at night around my eyes and lips, forehead at night. If you do this you should see results not instantly becuase these are not over the counter medications for face. But they are long term wait at least two to three months but be very routine about it.

By sing_to_you (Guest Post)01/07/2008

I just got through doing the egg whites like everyone said. And instead of waiting the 5 minutes and 3 minutes I used my blow dryer for faster effects. I opened my eyes to see no face lines at all. But when I washed it off they all came back. DON'T WORRY! I'm not done!

Here is what I did. I took one of my eye powder brushes and spotted the egg whites in the places I wanted to have lift. And then blew them dry. I then started to apply my mineral make up all over the face, and started applying my eye make up. When I was finished I then took "and this is my secret tip for all us women out there" I then took my bottle of spritzer I make for myself. Which is a bottle of watter with about 5 dabs of your favorite face cream, shake it up and spray as your very last thing you do. It sets your mineral make up very well. Doing these egg whites I am actually able to put my mineral make up all over my face now, because of my facial wrinkles I was not able to wear it so much anymore. In not washing off the egg whites my face around the eyes and other spotted wrinkle area are gone for the time being. I am 49 years old and have used so many expensive product lines that are really very good. It's just that I am so tired of spending $40.00 a month on my face. So Thanks for the tip!

I just took it one step further. And all of you women out there reading this! Give this a try, play around with the egg whites like I did. It is really fun! And you don't even need to use your Visa card on the internet. Awe ha ha just go to your frig. One thing though you can tell that the egg white is dried and on your face. But that is where using it just wear you need it comes in. So play with it and have fun. Good luck to you all out there.

By Lynda (Guest Post)05/27/2007

For aftercare, smash cold, ripened, peeled cucumbers and spread paste of it under eyes, around nose and mouth for 30 min. . Refreshing and cheap, and helps with puffiness. Adding honey is supposed to moisturize, but I"ve not tried it. Rinse well in unsweetened iced tea, and enjoy.

God bless you for using His recommended/Created products. lol : )

By carolyn [10]05/23/2007

This is a great alternative instead of purchasing those high priced items.

How many times a week should this process be done??

Thanks for the tip and hope to get a reply


By Dottie (Guest Post)05/17/2005

Absolutelly does work!!

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