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Sharpie on Cloth Car Seats


How can I get Sharpie marker off cloth car seats?

Mimi from MI


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By (Guest Post) 09/14/2006 Flag

I got black sharpie ink out of an upholstered sofa with Oxi-clean. Good luck!

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By Lynda (Guest Post) 09/15/2006 Flag

Depending upon the color, type of cloth, and location, I'd spend 1/2 day tackling this if not too light color, if smoothe cloth, if NOT in front seat:

Supplies: roll of paper towels(for frequent blotting of
alcohol scrub treatment below)

box of Q-tips (for applying alcohol, only to

one clean OLD toothbrush, med. bristles

colored chalk to match cloth for softening
stain color, if possible, AND for soaking
up WD40/alcohol treatment below)

*alcohol , clear ( try this first)

baking soda (make "paste" with alcohol as
second step, if alcohol alone did

blowdryer for between "attempts" with

toothpicks (for applying "paste" above
JUST to the stain, carefully avoiding
surrounding fabric)

(WD40, sprayed into cap, then applied to
stain with new q-tip/lightly scrubbed with
clean/dry toothbrush, if no results from
above attempts.)

chalk to match cloth rubbed lightly in to
soak up WD40

Blow dry hot quickly, then toothbrush off
all residue.

K2R Dry Cleaning spray (old product line)
follow instructions on can.

If none of these or other suggestions work, you will
have learned just why they call it, "permanent Ink",
right? Good luck every step of the way and God bless you.

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By Carol Vitu 5 30 09/16/2006 Flag

Solumel gets permanent marker out of cloth. In Michigan we show others how it works. cartonv2at

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