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Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux


My son gets acid reflux. What can he do to get rid of it? He is looking for a natural remedy instead of expensive medicine.

By jamish


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By Patricia Eldridge 269 07/21/2009 Flag

A site called Earth Clinic has many natural cures. To find a natural cure for acid reflux, go to:

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By Janet 11 719 07/24/2009 Flag

I take 4 omneprazoles a day. It's a generic & at Walmart's is very inexpensive (prescription needed). Constant irritation can lead to worse things like cancer.

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By Betty 104 753 07/24/2009 Flag

I have heard that a tsp. or Tbsp. of natural Praggs apple cider vinegar works. It's sold in the grocery stores most places. I'd do a Google search on apple cider vinegar.

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By Linda 45 302 07/24/2009 Flag

I drink a small glass of buttermilk every night before going to bed (usually when it hits me the worst). At least 6 ounces. But then I love buttermilk.

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By Wanda 15 08/01/2009 Flag

Acid reflux is caused from lack of acid in the stomach or not chewing the food up properly. Digestive enzymes work great for either of these problems. You can find this in a health food store.

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By Emily Pierce 13 08/01/2009 Flag

I have horrible heartburn because I'm pregnant and my baby kind of squishes up my stomach, forcing acid back up. I have a teaspoon of mustard, straight, if I have heartburn. It burns real bad going down, then the heartburn is gone, sometimes for several days.

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By Meredith Bell 1 08/09/2009 Flag

Looks like there are a lot of different causes for GERD (chronic acid reflux). Mine wasn't due to too much or too little stomach acid, but rather to a loose lower esophogeal spincter (LES) muscle - this muscle acts as a trap door where the esophagus meets the stomach. It allows food into the stomach, but is supposed to close behind it to keep it from coming back up into the esophagus. Apparently the stomach lining can handle the acids the stomach produces, but the esophagus doesn't have the same protection. If the LES muscle doesn't work correctly (like mine), the acidic junk comes back up and can burn the esophagus and throat (thus the sore throat I always had). First time around, the only thing that worked was Prevacid twice a day. However, insurance wouldn't cover the medication twice a day, so my doctor said we'd make them pay for surgery. Nissen fundoplication sugery did the trick - see the link in the Surgery section below if you're interested - essentially they take a small part of the upper stomach and wrap it around the spincter valve to reinforce it. Immediately I was off all medication and was able to have red sauce again or wine with dinner - yea! Everything was great for 4 years, but in the 5th year I started having problems again. Went to a new GI (mine had moved) - apparently the surgical repair had lost its stitches and the LES muscle was back to its flimsly old self again. My friend who works in a GI's office says they do have to "redo" the surgery from time to time. The new GI wasn't fond of the surgery - says it was developed at Mayo and they won't do it anymore - but I'm not fond of medication so went looking up natural remedies. I am trying papaya tablets and so far it seems to be working pretty well. I am still staying away from red sauce, I eat smaller meals, and don't eat late at night.

FYI - my stepmother's GERD was so bad she couldn't sleep laying down, and would spit up through her nose if she ate solid foods. She just had Nissen fundoplication surgery and got immediate relief - she's back to sleeping in bed and eating normally.

The other thing I was told that has always worked for me was sleeping on my LEFT side. Sorry to confuse you since a couple of others said right side, but my doc explained the stomach comes up on the left side and curves to the middle - if I sleep on my left side stomach contents can pour out like a pitcher. Look at pics of the stomach - it makes sense. Bottom line re: sleeping - if I sleep on the right side after a larger or late meal I am sick to my stomach; if I sleep on the left side I feel fine.

My .02 worth...thanks to all for your input!

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By Cajun 59 327 08/22/2009 Flag

I 'second' the Braggs ACV. Typically when you have acid reflux, there is too much acid in the stomach; taking antacids absorbs this, then the stomach 'says' "Hey, where are the digestive acids. They're gone!", so it pumps out more, hence the cycle of too much acid, then none, etc., etc. ACV neutralizes this acid, not eliminates. A tablespoon of ACV followed by a teaspoon of baking soda in 4oz water will stabilize this, and daily potions of 1 Tbsp. with 4oz water will eliminate the acid reflux.

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By Pierre 1 09/06/2009 Flag

Had Acid Reflux and took Nexium. It worked BUT it was medicine so I stopped taking it. Went to an Amish store and got some Yoder's Good Health Recipe...all natural and contains Cider Vinegar and herbs. Been taking an ounce a day for 10 days and my Acid Reflux is just about gone. The guy at the store said he's down to one ounce every four days and his stays gone. Can't wait til I'm there. Everyone's body is different. This works for me so far.

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By 31dude 1 10/16/2009 Flag

Hi, I'd like to share my experience. I am:
- 31 years young male
- healthy
- eat a diet of 2 meals a day, being each about 80% veggies, 10% chicken or shrimp and 10% grains or bread.
- for breakfast I have a fruit smoothie with soy milk

Around 2 years ago I think I had a gird attack, massive heartburn and chest pain and ever since I've had almost daily a burning sensation right bellow the chest on my right side. Doctor said it was acid reflux, tried raniditine and then nexium. it was working fine, but I feel that these modern prescription drugs only mask the problem and not cure the root causes of it.

So I dropped nexium and started to try to get better results from my diet alone. Controlling just the diet had some effect but moderate. Then 2 days ago, on my girlfriend recommendation not related to my acid problem, I bought acidophilus (the refrigerated one, 5+ billion active) and when I started taking it. I was shocked that it seemed to have made a BIG difference on the reflux. I had never heard of acidophilus as a possible treatment for acid reflux and I googled "acid reflux" +acidophilus to see if there was any correlation between the 2 or if i was just going crazy and that's when i started reading that other had similar effects.

So, I am so excited (even though it's been only 2 days) that I thought I'd come here and share this with you all. It makes perfect sense now that I think about it, since acidophilus acts to establish proper and natural environment in the stomach. I believe that over time my situation will improve even more and I recommend trying it. Just make sure you get good-quality and refrigerated ones.

My goal is to establish good stomach environment to aid in all-around health, for the long term and not have to take any meds.

This article confirmed my gut feeling that acidophilus. was what was making me feel better and has additional suggestions and other supplements that may assist in curing this condition once and for all. I will try all that is suggested.

Good luck to everyone and I hope that we all find our way towards better health. Forums like this are a great tool for us, the real-people, with problem to share and discuss possible natural remedies that work for us and I would love to hear the opinions of those who try the acidophilus regiment.

As for me, I started taking 3 pills as soon as I wake up and 3 after dinner. I will do some variations on the times and see how it works. I am so excited to see a light in the end of this tunnel and I believe meds don't address the problem properly but I also don't believe that it should remain untreated. Acidophiles has been my savior.

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By Chris 1 06/10/2010 Flag

Digestive enzymes. They are a life changer! You will notice immediate results if you get off the nexium, etc. Take 2 with every meal. They are awesome and all natural.

Mega-zymes by enzymatic (whole foods, grocery stores, vitamin stores), wholezymes ultra (whole foods), both are the same formula.

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By Ricco 1 10/17/2012 Flag

Every one that is saying that acid relux is only caused by too little stomach acid is not true. It can either be caused by too little or too much. Some people have too little while others have too much stomach acid. I saw a very good naturopathic Doctor who tested both my wife and myself. My wife had too little and I too much.

The key here is consuming the right diet for your metabolic type.

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I have had acid reflux, or Gerd, for five years. I've been taking Nexium that whole time. It is now starting to make me vitamin deficient and cause other problems as well! It's hard to know who to believe on the internet. I was wondering if anyone knows of a natural alternative to Nexium for my problem?

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