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Remedies for Acid Reflux

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Many people suffer the pain caused by acid reflux. This is a guide about remedies for acid reflux.


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September 8, 2015

This does not work for everyone, but it worked for my son-in-law and I. We both had acid reflux. I had read something in a book about licorice oil being an aid. I went to the store and tried to find licorice oil with no luck. (I found later you can order it through a drug store.) Since I couldn't find it, I got to thinking that licorice tastes and is substituted with anise. I went looking for anise oil but couldn't find any. I finally went to the grocery store in the seasonings aisle. I found anise extract.

It was fairly inexpensive so I bought a bottle. I took it home and followed the other instructions I remembered. "Taking it carefully, start with a small amount (up to two TEASPOONS, not tablespoons). I took up to two teaspoons the first time and had relief. I had to repeat a couple months later but haven't had any backup since.

My son-in-law tried it and one dose fixed his problem. My daughter tried it but got the instructions mixed up and took two tablespoons. She has not had much relief. Proving once again that too much of a good thing isn't good.

I shared this with my counselor, who tried it. She shared with her clients. They were cured too. I didn't hear of any failures from her.

Source: I think the book was a Pioneer Cookbook I had purchased somewhere in my lifetime.

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June 3, 2013

I was starting to get irritation and acid reflux, so I quit drinking my coffee and red wine, and started to take acid blockers (which you should only take for a couple of weeks to let the irritation heal up.) In the meantime, I compensated for my coffee intake by drinking 1/2 a dose of 5 Hour Energy (or other energy drink) and drank light beer. In the beginning, I even drank the light beer OVER ICE to further dilute it. I also drank a LOT of water.


This way, I avoided irritation to let my throat heal up and stopped the acid reflux without having to deal with OTHER issues, such as caffeine deprivation or really missing my evening drink! Now my acid reflux is clearing up and I am off the acid blockers, but I will be careful and follow this plan until I feel totally healed.

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May 2, 2015

To relieve acid reflux at night, use adjustable bed risers at head of bed only and elevate accordingly. This beats having to pay for expensive wedge pillows that do not always help many GERD sufferers who find them uncomfortable or buying that special adjustable metal bed frame and you don't have to replace the present mattress or box springs. I paid $15.00 on for the sturdy three adjustment bed risers and when you buy $35.00 worth of items, you get free shipping. Most importantly, the bed risers really help to put the whole head of bed at same height and your spouse is benefiting from it too.



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August 17, 2010

I was diagnosed with silent-GERD and vocal cord nodules by my ENT doc. The gerd has caused acid burns around the vocal cords. He gave me a medication to control the reflux and to heal the burn, but it will take 2 months to work. If you have silent GERD how do you know when the reflux meds have or are working? Any insight would be appreciated.

By PAUL from Palm Springs, CA


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Best Answer

http://www.abou  -gerd/treatment/

This website, About should give you more information than you ever want to know. This site says there is no cure for gerd and that it requires lifelong treatment. My husband, son, sister, almost everyone I know who is 60 or older has it. My husband has been treated for it for over 20 years.


Here are a few tips that might help. If you can help it, don't bend from the waiste, stoop instead. Losing weight often helps the symptoms. Tomatoes and tomato products can make symptoms worse. Some say Aloe Vera juice helps the throat when you have silent gerd. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Don't wear anything tight around your waist. It is good to prop up your head at night, but those wedges aren't good enough because they cause your body to bend in the wrong place. When you sleep, you should prop up in such a way that you are bending from the hips. I don't know a thing about a book called "The Maker's Diet" but I do know that on the web, many people with gerd say they followed what the book said to eat and no longer have a problem with gerd.

If you go to different blogs where they are discussing gerd, you can get more tips.

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I guess it is pretty common for people to have gerd. I was diagnosed with it a couple years ago but had no heartburn. All at once, I was having a hard time swallowing my food.


I was put on meds and now have no problem swallowing. What I DO have a problem with is phlegm in my throat. Sometimes, I can hardly talk. it is so bad. They tell me it is a symptom of gerd and I may have to learn to live with it.

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A natural remedy for GERD is apple cider vinegar, especially if you use a brand called Braggs, which you can find in most stores along with the regular vinegar. Here is a website that explains how Apple Cider Vinegar works in healing GERD, and also gives you recipes for drinking the vinegar:
http://www.appl  acid-reflux.html

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July 21, 2009

My son gets acid reflux. What can he do to get rid of it? He is looking for a natural remedy instead of expensive medicine.

By Pati Mishler

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February 21, 20060 found this helpful

I am looking for some acid reflux remedies and advice. Any advice would be helpful including diet suggestions, exersizes that might help, foods to avoid as well as drugs that have worked for you. I know it's a common problem so I figured I would start a thread about it. My doctor prescribed Nexium.


Stan from Idaho


February 21, 20060 found this helpful

I was sick for quite a long time before a doctor finally did an endoscopy and found tears in my stomach. This isn't exactly acid reflux, but I know that the medicine I take, Aciphex, is for that purpose. I actually started with Protonox, but it is very expensive and the insurance company made me try something else. Aciphex works great for me--it's like night and day. So if the Nexium doesn't help, ask if it is possible to either get Protonix or Aciphex. I hope that you have good insurance for prescription drugs, because these things are dam*ed expensive if you have to pay for them outright. But frankly, as sick as I was, I'd give up everything to pay for my medication. I don't ever want to feel like that again!
I wish you all the luck for good health!

Oh, btw--look for real licorice. It's great for your stomach. Try the natural foods aisle. I don't know the brand, but it has a picture of a panda bear on the box. Another great thing is Lipton's "Ginger Twist" tea. Ginger is also good for a bad stomach. Obviously, you want to avoid overly spicey, gassy or heavily fried foods.

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By Pat (Guest Post)
February 21, 20060 found this helpful

Hi Stan, Here's what's worked for me so far. I had gained some weight so took off five pounds with better diet and exercise and have another five pounds to go. I also tackled my eating habits a bit more and avoid the following: too much caffeine in the morning (have limited myself to one cup of tea instead of two at breakfast); pineapple, green peppers, greasy food, wine (I think the acidity botthers me). Also, sit up when eating and don't slouch as when I do, it seems to open that pyloric valve causing the acid to back up. Doing the above and using the occasional over the counter antacid bought at the Dollar Store has helped a lot. I do plan to monitor this closely and will discuss it with my doc at my next appointment as you have to be careful of the acid causing esophageal cancer. I hope my tips and the others help you. Good luck!

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By (Guest Post)
February 21, 20060 found this helpful

When I drink too much coffee (which I love) I get horrible heartburn and reflux. Tea also does this to me. I think it's the acid in it. I just take the acid reducer in generic over the counter form and it works great for me.

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By Connie A. (Guest Post)
February 21, 20060 found this helpful

What fun this is!! Just kidding. The acid reflux is very painfui without some help. I am taking Prilosec and it seems to work quite well. I have to be very careful not to go to bed with a full stomach. I try not to eat after 6:30 in the evening or I will wake up with pain. When this starts, I have to sit up in the recliner and take an OTC Zantac until it calms down. I have been told that peppermint and chocolate are both bad for reflux although neither of these seem to contribue to my problem. Rule of thumb: Never lie down on a fully tummy! I hope yours gets better soon !

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By Juanita (Guest Post)
February 21, 20060 found this helpful

Drink lots & lots & lots of water. Stay away from ginger ale & caffein & tomatoes & fried food. Even Sliders here in Chgo area.(White castle hamburgers). Believe it or not butterscotch candy. Werthers hard candy. Do just what every one else says too. Feel better.

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By Angellfire (Guest Post)
February 21, 20060 found this helpful

Well now, I may have a little surprise. It was a large suprise to me when I realized just what it was that had stopped my acid reflux from happening.
My Naturopath physician had me take two tumeric capsules with each meal. Tumeric is a spice very popular in the asian population. This was supposedly for another purpose, but I discovered a long time later that it was responsible for totally relieving the acid reflux problem. So I looked it up in my natural remedies book and, low and behold, tumeric is also a digestive aid which people use to treat acid reflux. Now, I never have to take those medicines which completely stop the production of acid like Nexium and those others. Check this out people, and go see a Naturopath Physician as a first line of helpers. Natural is so much better for and easier on our systems. My local hospital utilizes the services of both. And the Naturopath section is overseen by an MD so my insurance covers it.

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By leslie (Guest Post)
February 22, 20060 found this helpful

take a shot of straight apple cider vinegar or pickle juice right before eating

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By (Guest Post)
February 22, 20060 found this helpful

You might try "Gaviscon". My husband takes one or two spoonsful after each meal. This was at the suggestion of his doctor. It has worked great for him.

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February 22, 20060 found this helpful

Real licorice can cause high blood pressure - be warned!
Sleep on an elevated wedge. Get your pillow 6 inches above the bed! Doc told me to do this and it helps.

Don't eat:
a. too much protein
b. too much greasy food
c. too much food
When I go for spicy Mexican food, I always do two things:
at beginning of meal, take a Prelief pill (non-prescription pill available at drugstores, usually stocked in the antacids aisle)
at the end of a meal, take a digestive enzyme pill (available at health food stores - the ones with ox bile give me indigestion, so get a vegetarian formula)
Drink low acid coffee (, also available at health food stores.

I was put on the low fat vegan diet. It helped control the symptoms.

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By Jeggie (Guest Post)
February 22, 20060 found this helpful

I've heard that one of the things that causes this is the fact that you don't have enough acid in your stomach. Try a little apple cider vinegar every day. It's a lot cheaper than any meds you could take for it! The more concentrated it is the more expensive it seems but the less you have to take and 1 bottle will last a loooonnnnng time! Hope this helps.

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February 24, 20060 found this helpful

Ae you sure this is acid reflux? Many ,many people get symptoms of an acid stomach because the proteins they eat are not being digested (too little HCL in the stomach) Drink apple cider vinegar in water (about 1 tablesoon in a glass of water( right after a meal). take note that if it helps then that is your solution. Also try Bromelain. Keep a diary of what you eat each meal, what your symptoms were to help find the culpert that is causing this. <smiley>

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By donna (Guest Post)
February 28, 20060 found this helpful

use the vinger suggestion it is awesome really works

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By Holly (Guest Post)
March 1, 20060 found this helpful

Vinegar and grapefruit trigger my GERD.

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By Gail (Guest Post)
March 2, 20060 found this helpful

Aciphex is a cure for my heartburn. I have tried most all the others & this works best for me. My insurance company made me try Prevacid & I started suffering after 2 pills. Had to literally FIGHT for samples from my new doctor of Aciphex until this is straightened out with my insurance. Nexium worked for awhile. But everyone is different & not all work for all. 24-7 heartburn is a nightmare. I know.

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By anne (Guest Post)
March 4, 20060 found this helpful

i too take aciphex for mine. but have a question..does anyone know if this is a lifelong condition.will you always have it once you do get it?

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March 15, 20060 found this helpful

I was put on Prevacid and after I took it for about 7 days, I stopped taking them and it went away for awhile, now when it flares up I take the Prevacid for a few days and BOOM! it is gone...This works for me and my Fiance.

I have heard that the vinegar helps, but I have never tried it.

Another thing to try is the OTC the Equate brand at Walmart (we take the little pink pills) in between the Prevacid "treatments" and it works about 15 minutes we feel relief.

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March 16, 20060 found this helpful

Yes, it's a lifelong condition. But the acidity can vary from slight to severe at different times.
Generally, if you are careful about what you eat and have minimal indulgences, you will have minimal repercussions.
That means, when you have spicy food, don't make it extremely spicy and don't eat too much of it.
Also, have a Prelief pill before each meal and an enzyme pill after each meal.
I prefer vegetarian enzyme pills as the non-veg ones make it worse probably because of the ox bile.
These pills are available at health food stores, Whole Foods Market, Central Market... might even be at your local drugstore if it has a large enough vitamin pill selection.
Some people find that taking Probiotics seems to help significantly.

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May 23, 20131 found this helpful

I am looking fro a natural remedy for acid reflux. I have it so bad that I can't eat anything without being in pain and sick.

By Gina

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December 9, 2008

Has anyone heard of using apple cider being used for acid reflux?

Donnie from Portsmouth, VA

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December 15, 2009

I am looking for recipes for people with acid reflux. They can't be high fat, acidic, have caffeine, or be spicy foods. I don't like taking medication for it, because that hid a problem that I needed emergency surgery for. I can tolerate dried onions, but not fresh or frozen. We eat a lot of beef, because that is all my husband likes. He is also diabetic. Thank you.

By Sandra Moore

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October 26, 20160 found this helpful

This is a guide about homemade antacid recipe. Heartburn and acid reflux can be very uncomfortable and it helps to have a convenient remedy.

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July 21, 20090 found this helpful

I have had acid reflux, or Gerd, for five years. I've been taking Nexium that whole time. It is now starting to make me vitamin deficient and cause other problems as well! It's hard to know who to believe on the internet. I was wondering if anyone knows of a natural alternative to Nexium for my problem?

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