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Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have had acid reflux, or Gerd, for five years. I've been taking Nexium that whole time. It is now starting to make me vitamin deficient and cause other problems as well! It's hard to know who to believe on the internet. I was wondering if anyone knows of a natural alternative to Nexium for my problem? I'd love to try different herbs and natural remedies but don't know where to turn. Thanks!


Alica from Mo.


Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

You don't mention it but are you doing the following: keeping your weight at an ideal range, eating smaller portions at meals, avoiding deep fried foods, avoiding certain foods that are acidic? If I eat deep fried foods, acid foods like pineapple, or eat too much, I'm guaranteed to have acid reflux. Making the above changes has helped me a lot! Good Luck! (12/08/2004)

By Pat

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have found what works for me. Large gulps of water to wash the acid from my throat. If I want to sweeten my stomach I use a peppermint product, such as Lifesavers, tic tacs, breath spray called sweet breath (helps with pain in throat ), peppermint tea, all of which are not medicines and could be used on children also. Unless there is an allergic reaction to any of these products, they should be very noninvasive and cause no harm. If I have an upset stomach I might use 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in water. Hope this helps. (12/08/2004)



Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Try Diana Schwarzbein. She has a book that deals with this specifically. Don't be put off by the title though, it is marketed as a diet book. In the sense that it is a way of eating, yes, it is a diet, but a pretty tasty one! She also has a website. I got her books from the library. That is the Thrifty part.

Rene (12/08/2004)

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I agree with Pat. First try dietary changes if you haven't. Reduce your sugar intake, don't drink soda, coffee, tea. Keep a food diary to see if there are particular foods that bother you. Anything lemon will get me and I have to be careful about my fruit and fruit juice intake. This time of year is horrible for me. All the cookies and pastries... they'll cause me a problem so quickly.

Remember, if you smoke cigarettes, it can be a contributing factor.

Good luck (12/08/2004)

By beanygurl

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux


I take Maalox Max. The chewables are not that tasty, but as soon as I chew and swallow the pain is gone and I only take it when I need to. I haven't had to get my script filled yet. (12/08/2004)

By Carol

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I just saw on Dr Phil a product called "Aloe Power". One of the guests said it helped her intestinal problems she suffered with for years in just a few days. I would imagine any pure form of ingestable aloe would be fine. Check with your local health food store.

I can attest to the fact that acidophilus and digestive enzymes work great. I use Spring Valley's chewable Papaya Enzyme. They taste good and are very inexpensive. I get them at Wal-Mart. (12/09/2004)

By Fran Marie

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I've read recently in a couple of different places that new research shows excessive salt consumption is a contributing factor, but coffee and tea are not. (12/09/2004)


By Anna

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I hope you have found some relief from your acid reflux by now, but if you haven't, I have your answer. Somebody else suggested it earlier, I noticed, but you may not have tried it. It is papaya enzymes. Just chew 2 or 3 before each meal, and it will go away. You may have to chew a couple more after you eat, if you have a problem, but it will take care of it if you are diligent enough. You can get them at Wal-Mart, or order them from Puritan's Pride Vitamins online, or by phone.

My husband was on Prilosec for a while, but found that if he'd take the enzymes faithfully, he didn't need the medicine. Someone suggested peppermint, but peppermint actually weakens the sphincter muscle that keeps the acid from entering the esophagus. By the way, if you use the enzymes faithfully, you do not have to limit the foods you eat--the problem is your body, not the food. Hope this helps. (05/23/2005)


By Peggy

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have been on Nexium for some time as well. I also was tired of the negativity I kept hearing about various medications and as such started doing a bit of research. One TV show I watched was very anti-medications and very much in favor of natural remedies and made an observation that literally floored me. Every doctor seems to say that GERD is caused by excess stomach acid, which in fact is not true. The pain caused from GERD is not too much acid but not enough (so they say).

Their recommendation was very easy and simple, one tablespoon of plain ordinary vinegar (mixed with a cup of water). I am a skeptic in the truest sense of the word but after one very bad bout of reflux thought what the heck, it can't get much worse so I tried it. Within a few minutes the pain was gone and I felt better than I had in some time. I don't know what doctors say about this but I say if it works - try it. The cost of an entire quart of vinegar costs less than 1 Nexium pill, and my finances love it as well. True the taste leaves much to be desired, but it worked for me. (05/23/2005)


By Janis

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have had acid reflux the past few years and there are several things that I changed that has made it completely disappear. I have not had any acid reflux or indigestion in several months.

1. I started eating earlier in the evening, instead of having a later dinner.

2. I joined Weight Watchers and have been losing weight. Between diet, exercise, and eating less fatty foods the combination has helped a lot.

3. Vinegar, as someone else suggested, may be a factor as well. Because of my dieting, I have tried to get used to eating lower fat foods that tend to use vinegar in them and that may have helped.

4. I also bought a vitamin book to find out what the daily requirements are of various vitamins. Vitamins have always made me sick to my stomach so I take them at night just before going to bed. I never get sick to my stomach any more and for some reason I tend to get sleepy faster. Also, I found out the hard way, that the Women's One A Day Vitamin contains almost all of the vitamins and almost all of the vitamins listed have 100% or more of the daily requirements. Only a few are less than the daily requirement that can be made up supplementing with that vitamin by itself. This will save you lots of money on buying each vitamin individually. (05/24/2005)

By Tawnda

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

A tablespoon of vinegar works great, better than the $100 per month pills the medical community loves to prescribe.

Everyone I know who has tried this natural remedy, no longer has problems with acid reflux, or even heartburn.

There are a few doctors who will reveal "this secret" that should be common knowledge by now. While I am sure there are exceptions to the vinegar cure, I have not found even one person who has not benefited from this simple remedy. (07/14/2005)

By Charles G.

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

As I sit here this morning miserable because nothing seems to be helping my acid reflux, I have decided after reading several blogs about vinegar to go ahead and give it a try. I will update in a while to see if it works. (09/29/2005)

By Nickie

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

My acid reflux improved after going on an apple cider vinegar kick. 2 oz. in 12 oz. of iced water two or three times a week.

Here's how it was explained to me: Reflux is caused by too little acid in the stomach, not too much. Back pressure that sends the acid into the esophagus is caused by fermentation, in the colon, of partially digested food.

One answer is to add HCl to the stomach by way of apple cider vinegar. Another course is to add digestive enzymes, usually under the direction of a natural healer. I don't know about acidophilus, but it makes sense. Also, drink more water.

The main cause is natural aging. The body production of acid slows down with age. Possibly the fact that people are working harder into their older years could underlay the current epidemic. It could have opened a window through which AMA members have eagerly stepped. (12/26/2005)

By ed shaw

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Raw potato. Peel it, dice it, put in blender with some water, blend it, strain it, drink it while pinching your nose. Do this for two weeks in the morning. It's helped me. (01/24/2006)

By a guest

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I've also benefited from papaya enzyme tablets -I have used both Spring Valley and Sundown brands - which also contain bromelain which I think is pineapple enzyme. Usually I only take 1 or 2 tablets with lunch and dinner, esp. when I have a heavy meal. I also try to drink pineapple juice during meals, and for dessert eat a small serving of pineapple, either canned or fresh, as well as other fruits that contain digestive enzymes, like melons.

By Michael

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have been reading about what to do too. I have been on Tagamet, Zantac, Aciphex, and Prevacid. I am allergic to Prevacid and am tired of taking medication--since 1990. I read about taking a teaspoon of honey before eating and it helps. The vinegar helped too and the enzymes. I have more energy since I stopped my medicine and my reflux is improving. I read that Orange Peel Extract will heal your stomach in 20 days. Read an article here: I am waiting for it to come in the mail.

I read that braeburn apple slices can help. I don't have any, so I don't know. I am willing to try about anything because my reflux is several times daily. So far, the honey, vinegar and enzymes do wonders. I use baking soda and water only when I cannot get any other relief. I took the baking soda on an empty stomach to see how long it took before it made me burp (depending on acid in stomach). It took me 23 minutes. So, it seems that I do have low acid. I read that normal acid production should make you burp in 2-3 minutes.

I hope this helps! (05/01/2006)

By Marion

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Please look into Shaklee, they have great products (all natural) for optimum digestive health. My id is ZM06763, and you may e-mail me at: healthy_home101 AT for any questions you may have.

By Kelly

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a very complex subject. Yes it can be caused by too little acid, but for most people it is too much acid. When I tried apple cinder vinegar, I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I have tried everything that has been recommended in this forum and the only thing that works is the medications. I have tried all of the alternative and holistic routes. They just do not work. Consider yourself lucky if you have acid reflux from too little acid, because that is very treatable. (06/05/2006)

By Dave

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Take Peplic, deglycyrrhizinated licorice.

I eliminate sugar of all kinds, even fruit. I eliminate dairy and wheat. The problem seems to get bad when I feel great and start eating anything again, like cinnamon buns, nuts, chocolate, cheese. I just overdo. Then I eliminate everything except millet, quinoa, oats and vegetables and kefir and start adding things in a little at a time again.

Does anyone experience constant belching? It seems to be in my throat mostly and happens sitting at a computer or driving. (06/08/2006)

By Jean

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I've started taking acidophilus, and drinking a greens drink a couple days a week. That's all I can tolerate. I'm eating more apples. I do take some apple cider vinegar, but it makes me belch. I've heard good stuff on the licorice and also orange peel. (09/20/2006)

By Chris Robinson

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I chew 8-10 papaya pills a day and take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed into 8oz apple juice once a day for a few days. I don't always need the apple cider vinegar, but if I stop the papaya pills, the reflux returns in a few days, because it is a side effect of an unrelated medication. If I only take the papaya pills, it helps a lot, but isn't enough to clear up the GERD completely. The ACV seems to kick my digestive system back on track, and after that the papaya pills seem to maintain it. If I don't take the papaya pills for a few days because I feel great, then I have to start over with papaya pills and ACV again. Sometimes there is an aggravation of the GERD symptoms at first, but I ignore that and it gets better in a few days. Then I can eat whatever I want again. Drinking more water is beneficial, too. Hope this helps someone feel better. : ) (11/20/2006)

By Lily

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I discovered I have acid reflux, because I am a singer and was having difficulty singing. The doctors assumed thyroid problems but an ENT later diagnosed me as having a silent acid reflux problem (one that I was not aware of and that was irritating my laryinx, giving me occasional cough, and shortness of breath after meals). I spent the money on the proton pump inhibitors and got horrible side effects of intestinal cramping etc. One good thing that came of pricey medications was that I now realize what acid reflux feels like and that it is not normal and not everyone feels it.

I do not have a weight problem but find that overeating is a major problem. I also have candida and notice that when I treat the candida, with natural anti-fungals (capryillic acid, black walnut, nettle, aloe, other blends etc), probiotics (non- dairy bio-K), and enzymes that I feel much better. Also a cure for candida is ACV. It was the first real relief I found. I notice that if I slip up on the candida elimination diet for too long (ie. over the holidays) that the acid reflux comes back quite sharply.

It sounds to me like there is a connection between certain types of acid reflux and candida. If this sounds like you it might be worth checking out candida cleansing to reduce the reflux symptoms. If you think you have candida, it is important to know that a quick cleanse won't clear everything out especially if you are at the point where you are having persistent acid reflux. Candida Albicans is a very resilient little fungi and unless 95% of it is destroyed and intestinal flora managed, it will return. Thanks for all of your postings. They helped me! I hope this helps too. Good luck all! (01/20/2007)

By Farzana J.

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Protonix is the only thing that works for me when I get GERD flare-ups, but it takes about a week to kick in.

By Eve

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Papaya, get the tablets from your local herbal food store. I spent 5 years suffering from what the doc labeled as IBS. I never managed to control it and found myself excluding most things from my diet.

After taking papaya tablets for 3 days my digestion became 100% perfect for the first time in 5 years. It appears that the enzymes were my problem. I am amazed at the lack of attention this wonder fruit gets.


Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I just bought a 33.00 report that was well worth it, believe it or not. I never trust reports about cures for things but I was desperate. Zantac, Prilosec, etc., etc. None of the usual prescriptions have been helping me any longer, so I resorted to home remedy research.

Apple Cider and Honey. One or the other, or together. Today is first day but it is the most relief I have had in years. I have a bad bad case of GERD so I think that this would be worth a try, particularly for those that don't have the all day problem of acid reflux, every day. I do have and this gave me relief, today. I hope it works again tomorrow.

Also, the report said to eat lighter softer foods for first 2 days, so that your body could help you adjust. After that you should still modify diet but even if you didn't, you should experience relief.

Again, I definitely suggest trying it out. The apple cider vinegar kinda slaps you in the face at first, but man'o'man.. the relief makes me look forward to tomorrow. (06/29/2007)


Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I tried the vinegar and it caused my body's PH to go way off, and I got a yeast infection that took 3 months to cure. (07/04/2007)

By Paula Bowden

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

The vinegar MUST be the organic type, not the one they sell at your local supermarket. It has to be unfiltered, uncooked. You can get them at the GNC stores. Do not use the Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, it will not work! Organic only, raw, unfiltered, uncooked, preserved in wood. Mix with pure uncooked honey, it works. Stay away from dairy and white sugar. (11/24/2007)

By Frank

Severe Acid Reflux

After reading all the comments on what works for acid reflux I am willing to try anything for some relief. So I bought some Papaya Enzyme tablets today. I have apple cider vinegar and honey at home. I can't imagine using ACV to calm the reflux, but what do I know. I will try it when I get home from work tonight. I sure hope it helps. I certainly can't function this way. Wish me luck. Hope everyone finds relief from whatever ails them. (12/07/2007)

By Debbie

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Thank you to Frank's posting of 11/24/2007. Your posting cured this problem for me which I have suffered with and recently worsened very much so to the extent no meds worked, but your remedy did in one night. I do not trust most doctors as they just look for $$$ now vs. finding quickest cheapest cure or treatment for the patient, with bad bed side cocky attitudes to boot when you challenge them. Not my goal to attack physicians, just looking for treatment/cure to my medical issues. Thank you and I hope all reflux sufferers obtain this knowledge before it is too late for them.

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux
Post By Frank (Guest Post)

The vinegar MUST be the organic type, not the one they sell at your local supermarket. It has to be unfiltered, uncooked. You can get them at the GNC stores. Do not use the Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, it will not work! Organic only, raw, unfiltered, uncooked, preserved in wood. Mix with pure uncooked honey, it works. Stay away from dairy and white sugar. (11/24/2007)


By Vivian Richards

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I agree that the vinegar really helps, but I can't help but wonder if it can cause any worse problems using it all the time. Anybody out there have any information on long term effects? (01/11/2008)

By M. Porter, Tallahassee, FL

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Something that has really helped me is papaya enzyme and acidophilus (probotics). Prayer has also helped!

By Isaac

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I feel the culprit of my acid reflux is tap water and more specifically Chicago tap water. Once I started drinking only filtered/bottled water my condition immediately went away. (03/20/2008)

By Jon

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I got a bad case of GERD after my dad had a massive heart attack back in 2005. I naturally thought I was having a heart attack because the symptoms were so similar. I was having horrible pain and pressure in my chest, along with feeling a lump and occasional burning sensation in my throat. I was prescribed PROTONTIX by the doctor in the ER, and it cleared up my problem in about a week. I was 30 at the time.

Just this past September, I started having the same symptoms again, but since I don't have insurance, I tried Prilosec OTC. Symptoms disappeared after 2 days. I was good for about 3 months, and it came back again. So I took the Prilosec, and again, after a few days it was gone.

Well, about a month ago I started having the symptoms yet again, tried Prilosec, but this time it did not work. In fact, it seemed to get worse about 6 days into it. I continued the 14-day treatment with no improvement. So I decided to see my doctor, who put me on ACIPHEX. I have been on it for 5 days now and I still have the pain in my chest and throat, along with occasional headaches and bloating in my stomach. I am starting to try the natural healing remedies mentioned on this website, and many others.

I have changed my diet, eating much smaller meals, limited to mostly vegetables, plain chicken breast, and yogurt. I have begun taking acidophilus pills, papaya pills, and drinking aloe vera juice with my meals and throughout the day. I am going to also try the apple cider vinegar to see if that helps. I have read that certain exercises such as walking, can help strengthen the esophageal sphincter muscle, so I have also started doing that.

I will try to write an update to let others know if any of these things helped my condition, and hopefully avoid a trip to the GI specialist. (04/01/2008)

By Jesse Melchior

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I just quit my Prevacid cold turkey because I had too many bad side effects from it (and other medications I tried before were just as bad). I bought some Aloe Vera juice and drank the first dose of it on the day after I quit taking Prevacid. It tastes terrible, it made me gag! So much for that one. However, chamomile tea with ginger and cinnamon seems to help. And also, just an apple (I tried golden delicious and pink lady, they both helped).

I haven't tried Papaya pills, I'll give them a try soon. And of course, losing weight and walking every day really helps the most. Good luck to everyone! (04/11/2008)

By Iris

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have also been taking Nexium on and off for 5 years. I have started to take Acidophilus about 3 weeks ago and have not had any acid reflux what so ever. (04/17/2008)

By carrie

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I've been dealing with acid reflux for quite some time, and have tried so many different things. I put myself on anti-inflammatory diet which has helped a lot. I stopped all sugar, process foods, alcohol, and dairy which has also helped. Raising the bed six inches helped. I too take some of the herbs mentioned. There is a tasteless aloe vera on the market which is good. I can't eat after 6pm or I'm in a lot of pain. (04/18/2008)

By Carol

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Starting in February when I got food lodged in my esophagus and found out I had a stricture where the esophagus was only open to the size of a Bic pen barrel (10mm), I've been through 5 procedures to stretch it to 18 mm with a goal of 20 mm. The Dr. claims this is due to acid reflux. However, I have never had ANY symptoms of that condition. He told me I need to get this under control and to stay on my medication (first Zegerid powder suspension and then Prevacid solutabs) which both made me feel sicker than I have ever felt. So, in search of alternative methods I came across this site and tried the honey right away, followed by the papaya pills and as of yesterday the apple cider vinegar.

I would have to say the honey and papaya have made a HUGE change in my "food allergies" condition and will know more as I experiment with the vinegar. I am grateful for all your postings as I truly believe this is a condition of undigested food due to decreased acid production rather than too much acid. You've all been a great help!

By Teresa

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I found that when I was taking Prilosec for a couple of years it actually stated that I had to take it at a certain time, like right before I ate. Well during the night I would still wake up with heartburn, my solution is milk, worked wonders, and still does, coats my throat. Hope this helps (05/07/2008)

By Louise snyder

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

My son is 13 and has acid reflux. The doctor prescribed Zantac 150 mg twice a day, concerned about long term effects I looked for natural remedies. He began taking one tsp of Bragg raw unfiltered organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the 'Mother' in the morning. Now he just takes it when needed. The Mother part of it is protein enzyme molecules that I believe plays a big part in the health benefit aspect than just regular apple cider vinegar. Hope this helps, God bless. (05/16/2008)

By Tony

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Hey there. I've had chronic acid reflux for years. I've been on different medications through those years and found Nexium to have been the best fit for me. I was doing well for over a year until recently when I had to take antibiotics for an infection. The doctor never told me I should be taking acidophilus pills when I was taking the antibiotics. I've been done with the antibiotics for over a couple of weeks but it caused my acid reflux to flare up. My Nexium now doesn't seem to be working. Someone suggested I start taking the acidophilus pills to help the Nexium out. For those who take acidophilus pills, how long does it take for those pills to start working? I've been on them for only two days. Should I stay on my Nexium or should I switch to another acid pill while taking the acidophilus? Any help is greatly appreciated. (05/16/2008)

By Sandra

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have found that a slice or two of a Braeburn Apple cures it every time. My husband and I were convinced once we tried it, but a friend of mine has taken prescriptions for years to combat acid reflux, and was a bit skeptical. This worked for her, she couldn't believe it was so simple. You can find them in the grocery store, just look at the little sticker for the name. This also works for indigestion. (05/24/2008)

By Tonya

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

It's important that you first determine your PH level and eat foods that are acidic or alkaline, depending on your condition. It's possible that your stomach is producing too much acid or not enough. If not enough, then acid-producing foods/supplements (e.g. vinegar) might work. If too much acid, then avoid acid-producing foods and/or medications that could be causing it. (07/09/2008)

By Paul

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have been dealing with my reflux for years. Now I'm trying manuka honey and d-limonene. I have read some very promising reports. I'll keep you updated. God bless you all! (07/22/2008)


Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I've stopped eating eggs. It's stopped. How weird is that. I just recently drank a canned Aloe Vera drink and it seems to have healed any damage done. I even started back with the eggs once in a while and it started back up. Go figure. (07/28/2008)

By Harriet

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Try ginger tea, make your own by peeling and crushing ginger and add it into water and boil. Strain when boiled and drink. I have now been off nexium for 6 months! (09/22/2008)

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have had acid reflux for more than 10 yrs now, but didn't know what it was until late last year. Prior to that, I feared I might have a heart problem, got treated for all kinds of stuff including pneumonia. Doctor recommended Esomeprazole and eating at least 4 hrs before bed and raised pillow.

It all worked well until I got pregnant. Am only 14 weeks pregnant and I have been advised against using antacids. The doc recommended Papaya enzyme and so far it seems to help. I also found out about Active manuka honey and been taking it for a little over a week now. A 2.2 lb can of Manuka honey costs 32 dollars at Sprouts. There are smaller/ cheaper ones too. Just take one teaspoon of the honey on a square inch of bread or toast 20 minutes before meal. It coats your esophagus and helps it to heal.

I've read from your various posts about Apple Cider Vinegar and it seems like a scary thing to add to acid, but many of you have said it works, so I guess it won't hurt to try. (10/02/2008)

By Ruth

sleeping on your right side works too!

Acidic greetings all,

WOW! Great advice from everyone, so many wise options posted here. Thanks to all who took the time. All sound good to me. I have the reflux problem too, but I have it under control most of the time now. When it returns I just reflect back on when and what I ate and that the problem is really self- induced. It's really all about making "lifestyle changes" that will get to the root causes of the problems.

Eating earlier before going to bed (the hardest rule for me to follow!). Smaller portions. Finding the "triggers" is also key. For me they are coffee, some pizzas (if the sauce is cheap), pepperoni is also a BIG no-no, lol! Try white pizza (no sauce at all). Or try less tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes (the best!). I can no longer drink orange juice, or lemonade. Have not tried the pineapple juice remedy yet, but heard it works. Can't see how, but whatever works!

I used to use Prilosec, but it's very expensive and I grew immuned to it eventually. When you stop taking it, the acid comes back worse. Nexium does do wonders for me, but that is just a band-aid approach (temporary quick-fix) anyway. You must control your weight, exercise, eat small portions (frequently). I find an empty stomach to be a problem too. Sometimes we just forget to eat with our busy hectic American lifestyles. Snacking on apples between meals sounds great to me!

But the real reason I'm posting is to mention a little trick I was told about that does help to reduce suffering while sleeping. It's not a cure or a cause mind you, just a way to minimize the damage. I was told to try sleeping on my right side while elevating your upper body, and it really does work! The little flap in your esophagus that keeps all the food down also keeps the acid down too. But if you turn over to your left side during sleep you are toast, because the flap will open and allow acid to flow up into the esophagus.

The acid will creep up slowly or it may even squirt up and burn your entire digestive track and your throat too. Nastiest taste and feeling in the entire world! Better always keep some hard candy or chewing gum handy near your bed just in case that ever happens. It does work, the sweet candy causes you to salivate. The saliva from your mouth will neutralize the powerful stomach acid, but it may take hours for the nasty taste to go away completely.

Water is not enough once you are burned. This squirting of acid is very dangerous, it causes scar-tissue to form on the walls of the esophagus. It can also burn and damage the flap (sphincter?) in the throat that keeps the food down when you are upright, so be careful how you sleep too. The right side trick really does work, it's simple physics and physiology.

Remember though, this is not a cure! The cure is lifestyle changes in eating habits and in knowing your body and adapting to changes (ie AGE!). We get fatter as we age because our metabolism slows down and so we burn fat and calories slower. This in turn leads to digestive slow-down and eventually GERD if nothing is done to compensate for the slowdown.

Bottom line "KNOW THYSELF", like master Plato said!

Good luck folks! And remember, if you cheat, or get lax (lazy) you will pay down the line. Your stomach will remind you. Been there, done that! You actually can return to the foods you love once you get the problem under control, but you have to use moderation, that's the key. Eat earlier and more often. Spread out your meals as much as possible. Hard rules to follow but they do work. Try them.

----Gerard from Philly (junk food capital of the world! Cheese steaks, hoagies, pizza, and lots of other yummy fried junk. Stay away from beer, coffee, and lemons.) Ginger tea or Chamomile tea DO work for me.

Got some stories or tips to share? My e-mail is renaissanceprince(at)hotmail(dot)com (10/18/2008)

By Gerry

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I've tried small portions, exercise, no alcohol, chocolate, or tomato sauce. Without these modifications life would be unbearable. I have chronic reflux and need to take medication. I've taken prevacid but found it gave me chest pains. Currently I am taking 3 Pepcid Complete per day. Although it makes the reflux bearable, there is still some acid that breaks through. Also, currently I am trying a relaxation technique at a Network Chiropractic center. I am more relaxed but the reflux has not yet dissipated, but I am remaining open minded. I continually search for an answer. (11/08/2008)

By Susan

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

I have been suffering with Acid Reflux since 1990. First I took a prescription which was like Zantac that really helped. I thought I had my life back. Then about 10 years later, that stopped working so I took Prilosec OTC. That worked great and still does except it has lead to my not being able to ingest vitamins from food. And, I forgot and ate a small piece of chocolate a couple of weeks ago in the evening and during the night I had a bout of acid reflux that ended up going into my lungs.

I can't begin to tell you what the pain was like plus I coughed and wheezed for a week. So, this has led me to do all kinds of research about this condition. I stopped taking Prilosec. I started taking Probiotics 14 strains - 20 billion per capsule. I went to a Chinese herbalist and he gave me three different natural medications. One is WEI DE AN, another is WE TE LING and the third is YANG WEI WAN. I am drinking Chamomile Tea.

They said not to drink Green Tea! I also got some Peppermint Enzyme and they seem to work if I start feeling any burning sensations during the day, although I think it might be better for me to use Papaya since I agree that it may relax the sphincter muscle allowing regurgitation. Oh yes, I am not eating after 6pm. So, I have been doing this for two days.

So far, so good. Normally, by now, without taking Prilosec I would have been in horrible pain. So, I will let you know how this works out. The herbalist said that it will take three months before my stomach has healed. By the way, I found out that I am also gluten intolerant. I don't know if this is because of the acid reflux problem or not. Getting off gluten has really helped my digestion issues but not my reflux. (11/19/2008)

By Judith

Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

Get off that Nexium. Pills only make you more sick, docs get paid big bucks to peddle pharmaceuticals. ACV and cabbage juice, pure honey and virgin coconut oils work wonders! Also eliminate greasy deep fried foods and large meals, you'll be fine. (12/07/2008)


Natural Alternative For Treatment Of Acid Reflux

All you need to cure your GERD is Acidophilus & D-Limonene (orange peel extract). It's worked wonders for me. I've had GERD for about 10 years now. I was getting chronic heartburn, popping antacids almost hourly. It got to the point that I started looking into other solutions. My doctor only recommended the usual prescription drugs. Never once mentioning Acidophilus & D-Limonene (of course, it's not in his best interest!).

My routine is: half hour after my main meal I take 2 TUMS (this lowers the acid to prepare my stomach for the Acidophilus), then 10 minutes later I take 2 Acidophilus pills. This almost immediately cures my heartburn symptoms for the rest of the day. I'll follow up with 500mg of D-Limonene.

I do this routine for 3 weeks, every 6 months. It's a miracle, and it doesn't interfere with normal acid production. I feel 100X better. I can now be active instead of worrying I'm going to get reflux. And these products aren't expensive. I pay $15 total, compared to the $80+ for prescriptions. (01/30/2009)

By Al

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