Mold in My Basement

I would like to know how to get mold off basement walls?

By thorpe

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Use a solution of 1 cup of bleach in a pail of water. Also use a scrub brush. Do not breathe in the fumes, make sure area is well ventilated or wear a mask to cover up your nose and mouth. In the future to prevent the growth of mold in your basement use a dehumidifier.

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There is mold in a basement room (under the front porch). What is the best way to get rid of it and to prevent it from coming back? Water gets in there when it rains!

Kim from Nashville, TN

Mold in My Basement

I think the story about the professional and the toy was the first joke on the internet.
However, use a mixture of bleach and water, one part bleach to 2 or 3 parts water. Spray on and then rinse when mold is gone. To prevent the return of the mold you have to stop the rain from getting under the porch by covering the openings. Wear eye protection. (10/09/2008)

By Harry

Mold in My Basement

I was told not to use bleach by a professional. He said it was alcohol and it would evaporate too quickly and in the end not do any good. He told me to use just plain soap and water. (10/22/2008)


Mold in My Basement

Hydrogen peroxide eats up the mold immediately. Cheap too. (11/30/2008)

By Glenda

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Every time it rains my basement gets moderately wet. It smells musty but I'm afraid that mold is growing. How can I get rid of that? Any suggestions is appreciated.


Mold in My Basement

A professional inspected my house and said one side was covered with mold(fungus). He said it would cost $1,000.00 to remove it. Just then he saw an old toy in the corner and offered to buy it. Not wanting the thing(I'd forgotten all about it) I gave it to him. He was so happy he told me how professionals clean up mold and how to do it myself: put a cup of bleach in 2 gallons of water and spray it on the mold. He said wear 3 masks(the kind that cover your nose and mouth). He said do this once a year or whenever you see mold. Slit open some bags of kitty litter and place them around your basement, they will absorb moisture. Mold has to have moisture to survive. Our local dollar store sells 3 five pound bags of kitty litter in a bundle for $1.00. (08/14/2007)

By perfume and powder

Mold in My Basement

Bleach with water is the most effective way to get rid of mold. Wear eye protection when using bleach. After mold is removed and to help prevent it from returning, ventilate the cellar. If in a cold climate open cellar windows from April to October. (08/16/2007)


Mold in My Basement

We had that problem and it turned out to be the down pipe had been damaged and was blocked. Look around your house and check these pipes. Also check the guttering to make sure they are not damaged as water can run down the side of the house. You need to find out why your basement gets the water. (08/16/2007)

By Gwen2620

Mold in My Basement

I had a BAD mold problem in my classroom where I teach and could get no help, so I took matters in my own hands. After much research, I came across a product called Environmental Air Sponge (google it. Click on the first thing that comes up. The contractor's site is where I bought it). I did a mold sampling before and after and honestly, there was still mold but a lot less colonies. It did seem to help with the odor also, it has a light soapy smell. I would set them out on Friday and by Monday the room would be tremendously better. Worth a shot!


By *Pat*

Mold in My Basement

Get a dehumidifier! Let it drain into a sink or floor drain if possible and keep it running. Use Dri-Lock paint on your cinder block walls (remove paneling?). Use a small A/C unit in your window well. I didn't use the dri-lock, but use a dehumidifier, fan, and small window a/c unit and my basement no longer has that problem. (08/16/2007)

By mary

Mold in My Basement

After reading the other postings, esp. re: water source for your humidity, I remembered that we packed clay around the perimeter of the house, sloping away. This has prevented any flooding and was extremely cheap, as it was just good ol' clay. It was done by a landscaper. (08/16/2007)

By mary

Mold in My Basement

Just had the same problem, a bag of lime at the home garden center opened up and put in a pillow case. It was supposed to be hung but I left mine on the floor opened and the nasty musty smell was gone in a few days. (08/20/2007)

By Sarah

Mold in My Basement

I had the same problem but the mold would go around my windows in the basement also I got rid of the mold with bleach. Then I put charcoal briquets around the cellar, in each window, anywhere there was a mold issue and it worked. Something in the charcoal drew in the dampness. I have been doing this now for about 5 years, the only problem is remembering to change the briquets. (I honestly have no clue how long they should be out there but I change them monthly). (08/20/2007)

By Lois

Mold in My Basement

A dehumidifier will help, but it is necessary to eradicate the mold that is present in the house. The reason is that use of the dehumidifier will prevent the mold growth from getting any worse, but it will not kill the mold and remove it. If in the future you have any moisture develop from a leak or if your dehumidifier turns off or breaks, this mold could become active within 24 hours.

More information about dehumidifier and mold can be found on (01/31/2008)

By ngyuming1981

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My once mold-free basement now stinks with moldy smell. The dehumidifier hasn't stopped it. What can I do to clean it? Stop the mold? Do I have to throw everything away? The carpet, too?

Sten from Marshfield, MA

Mold in My Basement

Have you checked the dehumidifier for mold? if there is any way to open the windows and any doors and completely dry out the area it would be great. fans help too. Pull up a corner of the carpet and see if there is any visible mold there. If you can't see it any where you may have to call in professionals that can test for mold. Be aware that there are so many types of mold from harmless to deadly that they are bound to find something and they make it sound like you absolutely have to kill it or you'll get sick. Get the results from them and do your own research and go from there. (08/17/2006)

By carla bledsoe

Mold in My Basement

This will probably require drastic measures, but will save your possessions. I had a child severley allergic to mold and this method of eliminating it from the basement (the spores were travelling throughout our home via heating ducts) was prescribed by our doctor. It was 35 years ago, and the ingredients may not be readily available, but well worth the effort.


Purchase a 16 or 32 oz bottle of formaldehyde (THIS IS POISON) from a pharmacist or a greenhouse supplier. Lumber yards sometimes carry it too. Wear SAFETY GOGGLE, A MASK AND RUBBER GLOVES while preparing several empty tuna fish cans, pouring 1/2 inch of the liquid into each, and setting them around the area needing decontamination.

All the mold will be totally stopped within a full day and it won't come back if you continue to keep the area dry and dehumidifed.

I am sure that there are professional "fixers" who can do this, but not very frugal. The only cost is the bottle of liquid formaldehyde and the trouble of staying out of the house for a day or more.

As I said, lot of trouble but very reliable and FRUGAL.


By abqjudy

Mold in My Basement

There is a terrific new non-toxic mold product called MoldZyme. It removes mold from any surface safely and effectively and will also remove that musty odor you mention. Go to for product info. (08/18/2006)

By schneid

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