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Paint Colors For Italian Style Kitchen

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I want to know what kind of paint colors should I use in my kitchen? It has cherry wood cabinets and the theme is Italian style. I really like yellows but is that for more country style?

Sheila from Piedmont, OK



Recent Answers

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By Allison11/02/2008

Yellows, creams, olive, sage

By joan pecsek [88]10/29/2008

Rust and olive green colors, with touches of copper.

By Bonnie Varga [18]10/29/2008

I think yellows leaning toward gold tones would be very "Tuscany" looking. Good luck.

By Heather Krucker [10]10/29/2008

Yellow would be very nice. I would go to HGTV's website and look up "Decorating Cents" episodes....they have done Italian rooms...I'm sure other shows have as well.

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