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What do grasshoppers drink?

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What do grasshoppers drink?



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By austin (Guest Post)04/07/2008

I can't find anything about what grasshoppers drink!

Editor's Note: They drink little drops of water from the grass.

By charles (Guest Post)05/03/2007

They drink grass juice

By Laurie, guest (Guest Post)09/24/2006

That must be true about getting dew and raindrops from the grass. I remember reading that grasshopper will chew tiny holes in polyester type screens for doors and windows because the morning dew will collect on the screens and the grasshoppers will chew for the moisture.

By Louise [7]09/21/2006

I'm not totally sure on this but I would think that they drink the dew and raindrops from the grass and plant leaves.

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