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I need to come up with an idea for senior football player locker decoration. It's a really important game. Please help.

Robin from Buford, GA



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By Maria Zanotta 2 10/12/2007

I was thinking that a big star cut out from construction paper in your team color(s) could be decorated with the players' name and/or number. Depending on how well you know the players, you could also add an inspirational message to each star. It might be a generic message or it could be a reminder of something special they did on the field in a previous game this year - something to help them focus on what they do well and how they contribute to the team.

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By Becky C. (Guest Post) 09/13/2008

At Michaels (our local craft store)they have 5" wooden footballs, which we spray painted a school color, with coordinating school color stripes. You can use a paint pen and put the players # or name on the football. We hot glued school color ribbon and printed theme ribbon to the back of the footballs. Then hot glue a magnet on the back to stick to the locker. Total cost was about 0.75 per football. Also at the craft store they have foam cut out footballs that can be decorated and attached with a magnet. One year our opposing team was the racoons, s we purchased racoon tails and hung them on the players lockers. The players loved that.Good Luck!

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By Jess 126 744 07/01/2007

I am looking for locker decorations for our football playoffs.

Donna from Wallace, NE


RE: Football Locker Decorations

Type in locker decorations on the search engine several examples came up. Also, go to Shindigz.com, they have locker banners if you want to print up something. They use magnets to hang them on the lockers. Also, one idea I saw was using photos and ice cream sticks glued around them for the frame they also where hung with magnets that were glued on. Good luck on your playoffs.

By Becky B.

RE: Football Locker Decorations

Go to http://www.lighthouseseven.com/cheerleading/

By Samantha

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