Grease Relief Cleaner

Does anyone know if they have started remaking Grease Relief? I use Simple Green a lot but I need to find something to clean stove rings and pans.

By fundjo from Portland, OR

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April 5, 20090 found this helpful

The best grease or anything cleaner I have ever used is Greased Lightning. It cleans viturally anything. I buy it by the gallon at most any grocery or hardware store. At Menards you can normally get it for about $6-7 dollars a gallon. Believe me you'll love it.

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April 5, 20090 found this helpful

I buy Greased Lightning at my local dollar store - it does work like a charm! I've also had good luck with 409. Also, try Googling Grease Relief and see what happens.

Do you still have a bottle of it? Get the manufacturers info off of the bottle and call them or email them. All of their details should be on the bottle. Good luck!

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April 5, 20090 found this helpful

When I was taking care of my Mother, she had a bunch of clothes that I was getting ready to throw away because of the grease stains. My sister told me that the lye soap that my mother had made years ago and still had several bars left would take it out. It DID. My mother died in December 2004, and I am still hoarding the three bars she had left just for grease stains! I have never made lye soap myself but I "think she made it from lard. And if I'm not mistaken isn't lard made from the fat of hogs?

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April 6, 20090 found this helpful

Awesome at the dollar stores also has a grease dissolving product. I remember Grease Relief and theirs is comparable. For a buck!

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August 14, 20090 found this helpful

I too think Grease Rief was the best grease cutter ever made. I still have a full bottle saved it is labeled DOW 1989. Here is my research:


Texize Chemical Company, Texize Household Cleaner, or simply Texize, was a chemical company incorporated in the 1940s which sold industrial cleaners to textile plants, hence the name "Texize." Texize's product line included Janitor In A Drum Fantastik,Glass Plus, Spray'N Wash, Vivid detergent, Grease Relief, and many others. Texize was acquired by Dow Chemical Company in 1986.

Glass Plus is a popular glass and multi-surface cleaner that is currently manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser </wiki/Reckitt_Benckiser>, who purchased the brand from SCJohnson corporation. SC Johnson had purchased it from Dow Chemical Dow Chemical acquired it through its 1986 purchase of Texize .


I believe Reckitt Benckiser still makes Glass Plus, Spray N Wash, and Vivid, I suggust you contact them and inquire if they now own the rights to Grease Relief and ask for its return. If not ask them to obtain the rights and start to market it again.

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December 27, 20090 found this helpful

I, too, have been searching and searching for the wonderful Grease Relief product, (as well as my daughter has been, also, which I just found out when I mentioned it to her). I'm very disappointed to find out that they really did stop making it. I've been using the Dawn dish detergent for grease spots on my laundry, but I would rather use Grease Relief. None of the "stain remover" products work very well for grease, even tho they say they do. Please, everyone, contact the company info that people have posted on this site & let's see if we can bring it back by popular demand!

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January 22, 20100 found this helpful

I also loved Grease Relief. It was discontinued in 1998. S C Johnson bought the formula and rights to it years ago. I called them at 800-494-4855 and waited to talk to a person to ask that they start making it again. I told her that it was the best product for grease on laundry, but also worked well as a kitchen cleaner. She politely said that she'd pass it on. More people need to call. Please!

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February 12, 20100 found this helpful

I use cigarette lighter fluid to get grease spots (old and new) out of washable fabric stuff. I buy the small blue and yellow squirt can at the cigarette counter at WalMart.

Put a clean white cloth or paper towel under the grease spot on a dry garment. (this will absorb some of the grease and extra fluid) Sqirt on lighter fluid to dampen and cover spot. It does not take much. Blot with clean cloth and put item in the washer and wash as usual.

I have NEVER seen this fail.

Very old spots may take more than one treatment and washing.

Years ago I saw a friend do this to lots of exspensive golf shirts my brother was going to throw away. Walla! the shirts were saved to play another day!

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February 20, 20100 found this helpful

Texize is back! We have the original formula now available as Grease Release. 864-962-6705 ask for Steve.

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December 30, 20120 found this helpful

Grease Relief is the best grease remover ever invented. I also called Johnson but I don't think they are interested in bringing it back. However, tonight I Googled "where to buy Grease Relief" and a company called Malco phone 330.735.0361 seems to have it. I will call them tomorrow. The downside is it comes in a case of 12 and costs $45 a case. That will last me the rest of my life. I wish I had someone to split it with. So give them a call.

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August 29, 20150 found this helpful

I love it too! The Grease Relief formula was transferred from Johnson & Johnson to Dow Chemical to Texise, etc., and it is sold widely, including at for $7.00 per 22-oz bottle, and $5.95 if you "subscribe & save," meaning you agree to have it sent to you periodically (like every 3 months), shipping included! It is the original formula and works better than ANYTHING I've ever used on laundry. Ask my son; I'm the Laundry Wizard!

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I have been looking for a cleaner called Grease Relief that we have always used on our clothes to get the grease stains out, but cannot find it anywhere! I can't even find the manufacturer to contact them. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is it even still made?

Cjhabel from Quad Cities, IL


Grease Relief Cleaner

It is made by SC Johnson, Inc. Here are the two phone numbers: 800-494-4855 & 800-558-5252. I have been able to find almost anything by doing a Google search. That's how I found this. (03/07/2006)

By mckaysatt

Grease Relief Cleaner

Wow. I've been looking for it too. Learned SC Johnson used to make it, so I just wrote to them. Don't think it's available anymore. Bet there are a few old, bright red spray bottles of it in the back room of a country market.
Stuff was great on laundry & ovens. (11/07/2006)

By Kathi

Grease Relief Cleaner

This stuff was great, I agree. I used the tiniest bit of it when washing Tupperware and such plastics and it made the surface feel clean and new...not the least bit greasy. Must be an environmental thing, or something. I can't find it either. I'll try the SC Johnson number posted above. Meanwhile, I have a very old bottle and I use it very sparingly. (11/15/2006)

By GuestGal

Grease Relief Cleaner

I, too, have been looking and googled it also, and there's a little more on it than that description. It's the only thing I've ever found that takes the cooked-on stains off the stove top. I have a bottle left (about 10 years old) but want to know how to find more, too. The label on mine is battered and missing parts but "Texize" is visible. Texize was absorbed by Dow. I guess we can all try calling SC Johnson, huh? (02/05/2007)

By Mollie

Grease Relief Cleaner

We are looking for it too. It was great stuff, nothing better. The bottle we have says "Dow Chemical", but they sold household cleaners to SC Johnson and we can't find it there. Looks like they stopped making it. We always hope it will show up in the dollar stores but no such luck. Good luck finding it. (03/23/2007)

By binkerman

Grease Relief Cleaner

We have a theater and the butter spatters when we are buttering popcorn. It has ruined plenty of t-shirts and pants. I really need to find grease relief. It was the only thing that worked or is the only thing that works, because I have tried everything else and none of them work like it did. Maybe if we all start bugging SC Johnson to bring it back they will. (03/29/2007)

By Tracy

Grease Relief Cleaner

Greased Lightning also is a good kitchen degreaser and can be bought at Walmart or Lowe's. Also works on laundry. (05/04/2007)

By toni

Grease Relief Cleaner

I called SC Johnson and confirmed that they no longer make Grease Relief. They did not replace it with any other degreasing product. They recommend Fantastic Household Cleaner as a replacement, but I have not found that product to be effective as a laundry degreaser myself. Bummer. (01/24/2008)

Grease Relief Cleaner

It was originally manufactured in Greenville, SC by Dow Chemical. Dow sold out to SC Johnson and they ceased production. We are down to our last few ounces and nothing we've tried works as well. Anyone found anything even close? You would think someone would pick up this practical and useful product since no other comes close. I would pay whatever for something that works. (01/26/2008)

By Gene R.

Grease Relief Cleaner

Grease Relief; I can't believe someone would actually take something that REALLY works off of the market - there is so much junk out there, I don't even waste my money - "Spic & Span" works, make a liquidized paste and pre-treat your laundry then add it right into your wash. We better stock up though - they might take it off the market. From one Grease Relief lover to another. (02/05/2008)

By Linda

Grease Relief Cleaner

Hey guys--try this: Resolve Carpet Cleaner. I agree Grease Release was the best. Goop works well too. Be sure to try Goop not GoJo. It will not harm your best clothes. But living on a farm we get into the toughest grease. After trying the above & the item going through the dryer more than once, Resolve fixed the problem. You will want to let it soak several hours. It will surprise you. Good Luck! (03/15/2008)

By June in Georgia

Grease Relief Cleaner

I just used my last drop of Dows Grease Relief, that I have had for years...the product can't be beat. I will try the Resolve Carpet Cleaner but plan on contacting SC Johnson, Inc to encourage them to bring it back. (05/27/2008)

By Karla in Manchester, IA

Grease Relief Cleaner

I agree with all of you who are bemoaning the loss of Grease Relief. Of all the household/laundry products that I have in my cleaning closet, Grease Relief is my very favorite. Knowing that my supply was growing small, I have been looking in vain for it. Now I know why. Perhaps if enough of us complain, the new owners will sensibly bring back this excellent product. A return of Grease Relief on store shelves would be good for us consumers, but it would also be good for the stock-holders of Johnson. (06/26/2008)

By Linda

Grease Relief Cleaner

When I could no longer find Grease Relief a few years ago, I tried Zout in a concentrated form and it worked pretty well. Now I am almost out and cannot find anything on the shelves but the spray, meaning it is watered down, like all the other sprays. I am not wasting my money buying it, and if I can't get it in the concentrated form, I will try the Goop found at Lowe's or Walmart. Seems the companies want to make something watered down so much it takes more of it, therefore more money! Go figure. The consumer is onto you, companies, and you will not suck us in ever again. Someone will make something which works sooner or later. (06/30/2008)

By June

Grease Relief Cleaner

I leaned against my kitchen sink in a brand new tee shirt not realizing I had spilled bacon grease on it. A large stain (3X5) resulted. Used my recent favorite, Zout spray, and washed and dried but no luck. My shirt sat in the closet for months until I came across an old (probably 10yrs.) bottle of Grease Relief! Soaked the shirt in it overnight and you know the rest. I'm wearing the shirt right now. Why did they discontinue this product? (07/12/2008)

By Jane

Grease Relief Cleaner

It is a real sad loss, but I have found Carbona grease and oil cleaner in the very small yellow bottles to be the next best thing on grease spots. Not cheap, but works extremely well. They have a variety of products for ink, milk, wine, etc. Give them a try, they work. (08/01/2008)

By Ginny

Grease Relief Cleaner

We live on a farm & one day my husband & son were sprayed in hydraulic oil. Grease Relief came to the rescue! I too googled Grease relief & found this site. I have only found one product that comes close & that is, Watkins pre-wash (sold by independent dealers). (08/30/2008)

By Bette

Grease Relief Cleaner

I have an empty bottle and was hoping to find somewhere to purchase this product. Like everyone else on this list I agree it was the best cleaner on the market. Can Dow tell us why they are no longer making it? Can we get hold of their marketing department to tell them they made a mistake? (11/08/2008)

By Elaine M.

Grease Relief Cleaner

I too just used my last drop of Grease Relief. I had my husband check at Walmart tonight, but he could not find any such thing on the shelves. Guess I'll try the Goop & the Spic N Span recommendations next time I'm in need of Grease Relief. But, hopefully by then SC Johnson will have come to their senses and put this wonderful product back in production and on the shelf for the consumer. I'd bet the bottle I just finished up was at least 10 years old or more. (11/08/2008)

By Laurie

Grease Relief Cleaner

What about degreasers like Castrol Super Clean found in auto supply stores? I've found that it does well for general household use, when mixed with water or used straight and immediately rinsed thoroughly. I wonder if it would harm mica countertops? (12/01/2008)

By shopper

Grease Relief Cleaner

I have just a little bit left in my last bottle of Grease Relief Liquid Degreaser and was not aware until today that it was no longer available. Found this site googling the product. It's the only cleaner that can get the grease and tar stains out of my son's firefighter clothing. The bottle lists DOW as the manufacturer, but SC Johnson is what I'm finding on line. I am going to contact the manufacturer...maybe if everyone did:

Company Address:

SC Johnson
1525 Howe Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53403-5011

Telephone: 1.800.494.4855

To e-mail consumer product comments and questions:


By Ms McQ

Grease Relief Cleaner

We have been looking as well. Texize is the manufacturer. We still have a little left. I have not had any luck in finding it. (12/05/2008)

By gwen

Grease Relief Cleaner

I join all of you in my quest for Grease Relief. Why do they always stop making things that really work or that you really like? Has anyone contacted SC Johnson and if so what did they say? (12/31/2008)

By Ro

Grease Relief Cleaner

My ex husband and I had a resale shop and grease relief was the only thing I used to clean the old stoves. It made them look good as new. Please bring them back. (01/05/2009)

By Pam

Grease Relief Cleaner

Grease Relief was the only reliable grease cleaner we ever used that didn't destroy what we were using it on. Why was it taken off the market and what will replace it? (01/07/2009)

By Diane C.

Grease Relief Cleaner

I just called the 800 number on the back of my bottle. I requested that they contact marketing and bring back this product. It was taken off in 1998 for lack of sales. I suggested that they use smaller bottles and charge a little more. (01/30/2009)

By Sandy

Grease Relief Cleaner

We, too, have been searching for Grease Relief. It is the only thing I've found that works on all surfaces, and the scent was wonderful. You knew it was going clean! (02/28/2009)

By Julia

Grease Relief Cleaner

I have thrown away too many clothes because of the grease. I would love to hear if anyone gets new info on it.

By Sheri E.

Grease Relief Cleaner

I remember this stuff too. The original blue Dawn dish detergent comes close. If something even more powerful is required, a half and half mix of Pine Sol and household ammonia works great (use with rubber gloves and adequate ventilation). (03/19/2009)

By Red Neck

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