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Where Can I Buy Brewers Yeast?

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Where can I purchase brewer's yeast? I want to use this for our cats.

By Belinda from Virginia Beach, VA


Recent Answers

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By Sherri [10]06/23/2010

Are you thinking of using it to repel fleas on your cats? if so, it does not work. I have worked for a Veterinarian for over 20 years. Good luck.

By Sarah [2]06/23/2010

Usually, you can get Brewers Yeast at a health food store.

By Amy06/22/2010

If there is a health food store or your grocery store has a health food (supplement) section, check there. I have seen it in that area of my local grocery store. Also, see if your town has a brewing supply store nearby. We have one here that gives away yeast for the purpose you are looking for. :) (It is the stuff that is really close or just past the expiration date for free at our brew shop.)

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