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Cleaning Moss and Stains off Headstones

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Moss on Headstone

Being exposed to the elements, marble and other stone grave markers can become discolored and grow rootless plants. This guide is about cleaning moss and stains off headstones.



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Question: Cleaning Moss and Stains off Headstones

Is there a cleaning solution out there for cleaning moss and other weather related stains off of gravestones? A wire brush helps, but is there a better way?

By JB from Chicago, IL


Most Recent Answer

By Grandma J [46]06/07/2010

You need to call a head stone company, preferable the one who sold the product you are talking about. If not, find out what a local head stone company would offer. All stones are made differently, some local product. Polished granite versus natural granite--limestone, sandstone, each takes a different kind of cleaning. Was out to the cemetary today and just used plain water and soft paper towels to clean off the stones.

Solutions: Cleaning Moss and Stains off Headstones

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