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Fuel Oil Smell on Clothes

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My son delivers oil. How do I get rid of the smell on his clothing? What do I use in the washing machine?

Claudette from Woonsocket, RI


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By Scott (Guest Post)01/31/2008

I got furnace oil in my shoes, and it smells really bad. 4 days later its still really bad.

Any ideas ?

It's a walking shoe.

By charlena (Guest Post)11/04/2007

My son was using the tractor, he accidently spilled some fuel on his watch. What would take the smell out on the band part?

Editor's Note: Try hand cleaner from the auto parts store, rub it into the band and wipe off. It should help remove the smell.


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Archive: Fuel Oil Smell on Clothes

I need to know how to get the smell of fuel oil out of my husbands clothes.

Helen from PA

Leave Them Outside

Leave in the yard exposed to the weather for a few days. If and when the smell exits, launder as usual. Holly (03/04/2005)

By cookwie


Put vinegar in the rinse water when laundering. My husband was a trucker. Works like a charm. (03/04/2005)

By Shirley

Simple Green

I use about half a cup of simple green in the wash with ide and in the first rinse, vinegar then regukar fabric softner in the last on desil fuel which is the pits (03/22/2005)

By indygirl

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