Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range


How do I install a new over the range microwave oven (GE Profile Spacemaker) without an upper cabinet. A shelf will not work as there is a light and filter underneath. This is replacing an older microwave oven that had a very sturdy bracket, but it will not work with the new microwave.

By Barb from Chicago


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By Deanj 917 03/21/2011

Microwaves are attached to the bottom of a cabinet. If you do not have one then a shelf of some sort is put in place and the microwave is attached to the bottom of the shelf. Or have a cabinet made or buy one. I have a cabinet and the electric plug is inside the cabinet and the electric cord from the microwave is threaded up through a small hole in the bottom of thecabinet. You don't see the electric cord at all.

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Archive: Installing A Microwave Oven Over the Range

I want to install an "over the range microwave". I have an outlet in the cabinet to plug it into. I had a range hood that was wired to wires coming from the wall. My question is, what do I do with those wires, now that I don't need them?

By Cutluv from Easton, PA

RE: Installing A Microwave Oven Over the Range

Those wires should be disconnected. So find out if is a dedicated line from the circuit breaker or from a junction box. Then disconnect them. (06/13/2009)

By foxrun41

RE: Installing A Microwave Oven Over the Range

If the wires are coming directly out of the wall (residential sheathed cable with a black, white and a ground) you will have to do more than just capping them off. Install an electrical box like the ones for a wall switch or receptacle. (See this video www.expertvillage.com). They have plastic boxes that can be installed after market. Place the front of the box on the wall where there are no studs and mark around the edges. Cut out the wall staying within the lines (use only the closest lines to the box opening so the hole will be small enough for the mounting taps to grasp the inside wall. Pull the wires into the box and install the box. Now, you can terminate or cap the wires using wire nuts. Put a cover over the box and you are done. (06/13/2009)

By ermaher1984

RE: Installing A Microwave Oven Over the Range

I would just install a regular outlet. They are cheap and you never have too many of those. Have FUN! DearWebby http://webby.com/humor (06/13/2009)

By DearWebby

Archive: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

How can I lower my "over the range microwave" without having to install new cabinets? I just got rid of an old combination range, microwave, vent (one piece that had the microwave under a 5 inch recirculating vent). Now I am installing a new range with an over the range microwave (2 pieces) and the microwave has a built in air recirculator (sucks air in at bottom).

I live in a downstairs condo and do not have nor want to install an outside vent. But my microwave will be about 5 inches too high for my comfort since I am very short. How can I lower the microwave without installing new cabinets and have a nice looking area? Thanks.

By Franciemr from Dallas, TX

RE: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

Go to a store such as Lowe's or Home Hardware and ask them. They have pamphlets and videos, as well as classes in "do it yourself" stuff. They can show you how to do it and sell you the right stuff to do it properly. They showed me how to install a microwave over my stove. Good luck and take your time. You're only doing it once (hopefully)! (09/05/2009)

By catastrofy

RE: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

How about building a sturdy shelf above your microwave? Extra storage or a good place for "show off" items. (09/06/2009)

By AuntyC

Archive: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

I just replaced a range hood with an over the range microwave. They installed it under the existing cabinet. Unfortunately, it is very high and difficult for me to reach.

Is there any kind of adapter kit to lower the microwave? Otherwise I would have to get new cabinets. Any ideas? Is there a limit on how high it should have been installed?

By Robie from CA

RE: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

It might be better to locate the micro under an existing cabinet if possible. When I had my micro installed over the stove the installation directions call for a minimum distance between the top of the stove and the bottom of the cabinet that the mirco is to be attached at 30 inches. That makes it pretty high up and one must be careful taking hot and heavy dishes out of the mirco. The other bad thing that happens is when cooking on the stove moisture condenses on the under side of the mircowave. (12/10/2009)

By foxrun41

Archive: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

I want to put an OTR microwave in, but I don't have a cabinet above the range. Can I just toggle a sturdy shelf in and attach the front mounting bolts to this along with the back mounting bracket?

By Rose Mary from MN

RE: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

Rose Mary, Here are a picture of mine. Daughter ordered it from a catalog. I'll see if she remembers where it came from and let you know. It has been a few years. GG Vi (06/21/2010)

By Great Granny Vi

RE: Installing a Microwave Oven Over the Range

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