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Uses for Old Wooden Spindles

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I've got a bunch of old spindles sitting in my basement. They're worn and rustic, and very beautiful - but currently they're just sitting because I can't think of anything to make with them. I can't stand to get rid of them. Any ideas for crafting with spindles?

Natasha from Beverly Hills, CA



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By Denise [6]01/10/2008

Your local elementary music teacher might like some; there are some rhythmic activities that use spindles, for example, keeping a steady beat by passing the spindle around the circle (they are easier to pass than beanbags).


By Connie Windsor, Pa. (Guest Post)01/08/2008

My husband made bird houses and put on top of the spindle then he put a metal rod up through the bottom of the spindle so only enough was sticking out the bottom that he could stick the bird house spindle in the ground. they sold really well @ craft shows. Good Luck! Connie

By melody_yesterday [228]01/08/2008

thats a cool site << thanks ! mailing it out to chums !

By Julie [49]01/07/2008

here are a few ideas. i have seen the angels made from them and my favorite candle holders, you just drill the size hole you need for the type candle. if they are real wide bottoms just sit pillar candles upon them. and also cut diffearnt sizes and drill them into a flat piece of wood from the back side for a coat rack. they look pretty doing the same method but on an old wooden widow frame near the bottom, the glass does not have to be in the frames paint them white for a shabby chic look. also your spindles would sell good on ebay too. but i wouls sell them in lots of say 2-4 sets per lot per size group. your lucky to have them, lots of choices to make things with to sell or give as gifts. they also look cute to add wooden birdhouses to the tops and sit in your flower garden or flower beds at differant heights. ... cle/0,1793,HGTV_3484_2291859,00.html

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