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Paint Color Ideas for Black, Cranberry and Beige Bedroom

I have black bedroom furniture, cranberry drapes, and very light beige bed cover with two large cranberry pillows. I'm bored with the room and am thinking about painting the wall behind my bed which has a black headboard. What is a good color for that wall? I don't want to paint it beige, so what about bringing in another color altogether.

By Betty

Recent Answers

By marion davidson [22]02/25/2011

Assuming your window is on a different wall, I would paint the wall behind your bed the same colour as your curtains!

By Mistie [21]02/23/2011

I would go with a lighter variation of the cranberry. For example violet, and lavender.

By Lindaspy [2]02/22/2011

If you have cranberry, a sage green is really a good color to go with cranberry. You could also add some pillows to go along with the cranberry on the bed.

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