Removing Pet Hair from Microfiber

Pet hair on any furniture can be a chore to clean up. However, microfiber fabric can be especially difficult to get the hair out of. This is a guide about removing pet hair from microfiber.

Boxer on White Microfiber Couch
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Tip: Microfiber to Clean Up Dog Hair

By Ramona 11 7

Brooms don't do a very good job at picking up dog hair from the floor. I put a microfiber cloth around my broom bristles and secure it with a rubberband. Tada! It picks up the dog hair.

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Question: Pet Hair on Microfiber

By Elizabeth Henson 2 4

My husband and I just bought a really nice sectional. I do not know if it is suede or micro fiber. It's pretty that's all I know. Anyway, my beagle keeps getting on the furniture when we are gone or at night when we sleep. I keep finding dog hair on it. Does anyone know how to deter a pet from getting on furniture? If not, what is a good way to get dog hair off other than the vacuum or lint roller? I would hate to kick the dog outside, but this is expensive furniture and she knows she is not supposed to be on it. Please help.

Elizabeth from Lebanon, MO

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 Flag

November 29, 2008

The rubber hair remover at WalMart works great or else as the last person leaves the living room, area throw a sheet over couch. Ahhh please, don't put doggie outside it gets too cold and doggie just needs to know that couch is not ok for him to be on.

My poo-bischon mix lives on couch. He is not a shedder but even if he were I would prefer him to any furniture. He is my friend and had been abused. He is one sweet doggie.

Good luck.

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Archive: Pet Hair on Microfiber

We recently purchased a microfiber couch and its beautiful. However, our dog is currently shedding as a result of her being pregnant. We have attempted to vacuum it off. How do I get rid of the pet hair that is clinging to the couch we love?

J.M. from Sterling, CO


RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Have you tried using a rubber glove to wipe the hair? It works on regular furniture but I have had no experience with microfiber furniture. It's certainly worth a try. (02/26/2006)

By Luvyabye

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I have the same problem with my six cats. I was told to use a damp sponge and just wipe it off. I vacuumed the couch first then used the damp sponge. It worked OK - I think if I did it once a week it would work very well. (02/26/2006)

By Shea

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Spray endust on a cloth then gently wipe your couch it will repel the animal hair. (02/26/2006)

By barbaglia

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I am looking at purchasing a Microfiber couch and I also have animals. The salesman told me to spray Static Guard on the furniture and then vacuum. I don't know if this works so you probably want to try a small area, but he said he uses this method for his Microfiber furniture. (02/26/2006)

By buddy!

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

A wide strip of tape like sealing tape, or the sticky window envelopes used by UPS/FedEx works well to remove a few layers of fur!; follow with a damp sponge or a sponge available at pet shops for removing pet hair. (02/27/2006)

By slw1299

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I use a sticky-tape roller on all of my upholstered furniture, including microfiber, and it works really well. I get the rollers at the dollar stores and they last quite a long time. You just peel off the used part of the tape when you get through, and you have a new sticky tape available. Needless to say, I go through a lot of tape as I have a constantly shedding pomeranian, an old Pekingese who sheds, and a solid black cat who also sheds. (02/27/2006)

P.S. The sticky tape roller also works well on your clothing. I always get hair on me when I'm around my pets, don't you? (02/27/2006)

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

We have two major shedding felines and two microfiber couches. We use a soft rubber brush thing that is sold for the purpose of removing pet hair, and it works very well. (02/27/2006)

By Susanna

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Just wipe with a cloth dampened (not wet, just damp) in bucket of water with a little fabric softener added. (02/28/2006)

By brenda thompson

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

As I sit here with 3 rescue cats piled on top of me I feel your pain. They want me to tell you about a wonderful product Pet Hair Magnet by Petmate, you can find it at most pet stores and wow. It looks like something you would scrape your windshield with and you use it very much the same way. A quick tip, if there is a lot of hair and/or it is fly away have your vacuum close by, it normally rolls the fur into long strips but sometimes with fine hair it drags it in a pile but not easy to pick up. Tip #2 if you have carpeted stairs and you just can't ever get the hair up this thing is great. (03/30/2006)

By scooby.

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I have a microsuede couch and I vacuum the bottom of it twice a week to keep up with the dog. In the summer I cover it with a cotton throw cover. (03/30/2006)

By camo_angels

Archive: Pet Hair on Microfiber

We have a new brown microfiber sofa, loveseat and recliner, and we are having troubles getting dog hair off it. We tried the lint brush did not work well. We also have a cat that sneezes a lot and leaves her sneezes on the furniture (when we find it it is hard). Any ideas?

Donna from MD


RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I bought a microfiber couch in March '06 and have been having major problems. What I thought was pet hair on my couch was actually the stuffing coming up through the material! Plus I am having other issues with the microfiber as well like tearing at the button holes. If you constantly see little white "hairs" coming up through the material, call the manufacturer. The couch repair guy said that this material must have come from a bad roll! I am in the process of exchanging this set for a whole new set! As for the real pet hair issues most of the time I will just put a sheet over the couches, or just vacuum it off everyday. (01/09/2007)

By kimmcg

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

The rubber glove WORKS! I am pet sitting a boxer for a month and she is nothing but a ball of tiny white hairs... covering everything in my beautiful studio apartment. I was told about the rubber brush ("zoom groom" is one brand) but I haven't come across one so I tried putting on a rubber cleaning glove and passing that over the cushions.. works like a wonder. Thanks! (02/19/2007)

By Allison

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I am having the same problem the vacuum does not work the hair seems to be clinging to the sofa. The tape takes forever, any other suggestions? I also have a lot of other things, like strings, lint from a blanket, etc. I will never buy microfiber again!


By holly

Archive: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I have seen a lot of requests for advice on how to remove various stains from microfiber furniture. What I would like to know is how easy or difficult it is to remove pet hair. I am considering a sofa with the microfiber that looks like leather. If anyone has experience with that fabric and pet hair, I would like to hear your thoughts.

Lynn from Albany, NY


RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

My dog sheds like crazy. I just take a wet cloth and wipe it right off. It's wonderful. Depending on how much hair, you may have to rinse your cloth and repeat a few times. (09/05/2007)

By Jcoy

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I had a couch like this and the only way to get the hair off is with a wet cloth. I never did try a rubber glove. That may work better. I got rid of the couch because I could not stand seeing the color uneven. I guess it helped that the couch was the same color as the dogs so the hair was not that obvious. Good luck! (09/09/2007)

By suzi_homemaker01

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Use a microfiber cloth, it picks up everything off micro fiber furniture. (10/12/2007)

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth. It picks it right up. (10/12/2007)

By lynn

RE: Pet damage/drool etc

I read the posts and noticed that no one mentioned the Home Reserve Furniture. You can look at it at
www. They have couches, sofas, sectionals, chairs, and ottomans and quite a choice in fabrics. They have some pet fabric which is great for pets that drool, and or leak. It has some type of microbial action as well as not letting the liquid go into the fabric. They will send you any fabric selections you wish for $1.00 each. I rubbed the microfiber fabric on my dogs and found it to be reasonable considering.

Also I noticed that many people mentioned having to cover their couches with slipcovers and sheets etc. At Home Reserve the furniture is made so that you put it together. The good news is that if a pet or child ruins a section of the furniture you can replace just that section. That spoke to me because I had a puppy chew a brand new chair several years ago. Another great feature is that if after time the fabric gets older looking or you even just want to redecorate with new colors, you can order the entire set of covers for a really reasonable price. You can also take off any and all of the fabric on the furniture if necessary and stick it in the wash if you choose a washable microfiber or pet fabric.

The instructions on the washable fabrics just say to wash on a mild cycle, spin dry, and put back on damp. The site shows lots of customer reviews and there is also a site for fans of home reserve where people show the furniture they have and tell how they like it. There is a great video showing a young family putting together their small sectional.

No, I don't work for Home Reserve. I am just buying the furniture myself because I like clean furniture and I like my animals to be part of my family. I'm tired of having a couch that is still in good to great condition, except for dingy fabric, and having to just give it away or throw it away in order to have a new look. This is even much cheaper than reupholstering yourself if you can (and I have done that). Its also a lot cheaper than paying someone to reupholster.

At least take a look and see what you think. The price is very reasonable which is much more than you can say about most slipcover furniture. And remember this is not a Slipcover. The furniture looks like regular upholstery. I had also checked some other slipcover couches to see how much it would cost for a new slipcover and it was more than the total cost of the Home Reserve Furniture. The fabric is made specifically to fit each part of the furniture and is made to be easily taken off and cleaned and/or replaced.

In fact its easy enough that one satisfied customer suggested that they come up with some holiday fabrics that you can switch and use only at holidays. No word yet on whether they will consider that option.

As far as dog hair on both fabric and rugs, I found that lightly spraying with a solution of water and a little fabric softener really makes it easier for your vacuum. It really works. Luckily my dogs only shed badly twice a year for a short time. I've had other pets that shed all year round. I plan on trying the rubber glove trick too. I don't really think it will be a problem with this fabric from what the reviews say.

Sorry to bend your ear. I was just so excited when I saw it for many of the reasons you writers were asking about that I felt I should give you a heads up. It might be just what you need.

Devon (11/13/2007)

By Devon

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I have cats and have been battling the pet hair problem for years. It is ongoing and time consuming. Many things help: anti-static spray, fabric softener sheets, rubber gloves, damp cloth, microfiber cloth, vacuum, lint tape. The most effective thing for me was to just to make some concessions in my lifestyle to accommodate living with pets that shed.

I do not wear fleece or fabric that seems to be magnets for pet hair. And I can't imagine owning a beautiful microfiber couch. The cost in maintenance time would be prohibitive. Keeping mini hand vacuums in handy locations helps. And if you sweep, the "magnet broom" is incredible for sweeping pet hair. Dragging its foam sweeper across a floor causes the hair to collect into an intact pile. (12/02/2007)

By Marlene

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Spray a mist of febreeze on rubber glove, wipe one direction, it will clump and fall right off. It's quick and accomplished. (02/24/2008)

By usmc wife

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I live in Alaska & in the winter the static is so bad that we buy lots & lots of static guard. Well I just tried it & it does work great. I just sprayed above the seat cover & let the mist fall. Then I took a dry rag & it rolled off. I have 6 cats who stay locked up in the house all winter & trust me I have "HAIR". Summer is on its way. (03/11/2008)

By Debbie

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I too have a microfiber couch. I vacuum mine everyday. I have also had to wash the cushions. They turned out wonderful. The best advice is not to get one if you have animals. It will work you to death! (03/13/2008)

By Lou

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

Where can I get the micro fiber cleaning cloth? I looked online and the shipping is as much as the cloth. Is that still the way to go? Thanks! (05/27/2008)

By Claire

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I am nearly certain you can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond and Linens and Things. I did get the microfiber fabric and I love it. The pet hair comes right off. I haven't spilled anything so I can't tell you about stains.

I did buy a quality sofa and I think that may make a huge difference in whether pet hair and other issues make for problems or not. (05/28/2008)

By Lynn Beth

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

I've searched high and low for a solution to the pet hair that accumulates on my micro fiber couch and despite all the various tips I'd read here previously, I still found myself extremely frustrated. The only thing I've ever found to work was a red velvet/felt brush I had found at my grandparent's house. As much as I searched the internet I couldn't find anything like it and when it eventually fell apart I thought I was back to square one.

I heard about the new 'scotch - fur fighter' brush that touted it's ability to pick up pet hair so I went to Target to buy one and give it a try. While I was at the store I actually came across a set of mitts made of the same red felt fabric as the old brush I had. They're PERFECT! They're huge so the job is done in half the time and it picks up every last hair. I was so frustrated with the problem in the past that I vowed to post about a solution if I ever found one. So here I am :) (07/14/2008)

By Furmom

RE: Pet Hair on Microfiber

RUBBER GETS HAIR OFF, PERIOD! It's called furemover rubber lint brush. (09/09/2008)

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