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Foundation Makeup Stains on Clothing


I have a foundation makeup stain on my beige linen blend pants. Can someone help me please?

By Wendy from Perth, WA


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By Lynda 49 74 10/20/2010 Flag

Are the pants washable? If so mix one part water, one part clear amnomia, and dish det. (reg dish det.) pour into a spray bottle. Then shake it up and spray on the spot that you want cleaned. And just wash the pants. The spot should come out.

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By bkvander 2 114 10/20/2010 Flag

Dawn dish soap always works for me.

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By JennyLee 1 03/06/2012 Flag

The best thing to do is use a dry cleaner. I got some make up on a new shirt of mine. I took it to a dry cleaner and it came back looking new again. It's better to use a dry cleaner especially if you are unsure how to remove it. Just never dry the spot otherwise it might set and not come out.

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By Catherine T. 1 05/05/2014 Flag

I bought a dress that had foundation on the white collar. The foundation type was unknown to me as the shop had gave the dress to me at a discounted price. As I couldn't afford to send the dress to the dry cleaners I used Gilette Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream on the stains. After scrubbing away at the stains for about 5 minutes they became unnoticeable. I put the dress in the washing machine and the stains are gone there is no evidence there was foundation on the dress.

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By Donna L. 1 07/10/2015 Flag

Sally Hansen airbrush leg make up apparently is worse than regular make up cause shaving cream did nothing

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By Susan Sherman M. 1 08/24/2015 Flag

DISASTER!! I unpacked my suitcase and my foundation was everywhere in my make-up bag. On cleaning it out I got brown foundation over my cream linen trousers. I tried every propriety cleaner to clean it off but without success and I was prepared to throw them away but as I last resort I turned to Google.
Shaving cream as an answer seemed crazy but I had nothing to lose and - nothing ventured nothing gained.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I followed the instructions and my trousers are like new!!

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How do I get liquid foundation out of my satin prom dress?

By Mone

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By Lee Anne G. 21 05/10/2011 Flag

Take it to a dry cleaner, tell them what the stain is and they will be able to get it out without harming the dress. In the long run it will be better than trying to do it at home and maybe ruining your lovely dress.

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Liquid Foundation On White Cotton Jumper

I have a liquid foundation stain on a white cotton jumper and have had no luck in getting it out! Bleaching was unsuccessful so I'm hoping someone has a miracle solution as this is a favourite jumper.

Susan from Sydney


RE: Liquid Foundation On White Cotton Jumper

Makeup on Collars or Clothes: Apply a small amount of shaving cream to the stain (figure B) and work in using your thumbs. If this doesn't remove the entire stain, add rubbing alcohol to the mix and let it set on the area. Make sure the stain is completely removed before putting the garment into the washer. (found on - Queen of Clean) (01/18/2005)

By jokestersn

RE: Liquid Foundation On White Cotton Jumper

Not sure about on white, but my granddaughter once dumped an entire bottle of foundation on my living room chair, which is apolstered in a chenille type fabric. I used an automotive apolstery cleaner figuring it had a degreaser in it. It took a while because it was so much, but did take it out. Just a thought. (01/19/2005)

By Tina Q.

RE: Liquid Foundation On White Cotton Jumper

I would try Dawn Dish Detergent. This works well on oil type stains. Just apply to the area, rub lightly and launder as usual. May have to do this more than once. (01/19/2005)

By Ann4

RE: Liquid Foundation On White Cotton Jumper

I know this sounds ridiculous, but spray the spot with oven cleaner (in a well-ventilated room), wait ten minutes and then launder. You may need to do it more than once but don't leave the oven cleaner on too long. Restaurant chefs use this to get stains out of their white jackets. (01/19/2005)

By Linda

Archive: Foundation Makeup Stains on Clothing

I accidentally dropped a glass bottle of liquid foundation makeup, the bottle broke and makeup splattered on my pants in various areas. The color is beige and fabric is cotton. How can I remove these stains?

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