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Wearing French Hook Earrings

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I haven't had pierced ears very long and need some advice. When I wear the french hooks, they work themselves out of my ear and fall off. Is that common? How do I prevent it? I appreciate your help.

Wendee from Oregon


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By Lilly (Guest Post)05/26/2008

I've always worn french hooks and I've never had an experience with my earrings falling out. That is, until recently. I bought a new pair of earrings, and I noticed that the hooks were made of very, very lightweight, fine gauged gold wire. Tinier and finer than I'd ever seen before. These would pop out of my ears every chance they got! Until I learned to put that clear plastic stopper on the end--which they came with when I bought them. Since gold prices are going up, I guess jewelers want to cut corners by making tinier, more light-weight ear wires. These are really no good. You want the larger, heavier gauge wires (about 2cm long and 22-gauge at least). They'll cost more, but they'll stay in your ears!

By Earring Doctor (Guest Post)06/30/2007

You can find not only clear plastic stoppers for French Hook earrings to stop them from riding up and out of your earlobe, but metal ones too.
They come in gold tone and silver tone and are tube shaped and can be found at
Look for Drop Stops that are metal and Clear Drop Stops that are plastic.

By Wendee (Guest Post)05/26/2005

Thank you all! I've squished mine a bit but am afraid they might break. I think I'll look for some of the stoppers next time I go shopping.

By Jen (Guest Post)05/26/2005

I put the earrings in then squish the front and back together. I can't tell you how many of my fave earrings I lost before I started doing this. I've used the store-bought backs, too, and they seem to irritate my ears when the earrings works its way partially our of my ear (the back stops it from moving farther, but the pressure of those little plastic backs hurt my ear).

By SL Edens [1]05/26/2005

You can get the little rubber "Fishhook Stoppers" at Wal Mart (I got mine in Calif) in the jewelry department.

By Angela (Guest Post)05/25/2005

A cheap way to keep them in is to use a pencil eraser, or you can buy the stoppers at a craft store

By Donna05/25/2005

Thank you! Glad to hear it's not just me! Guess what. My sisters just informed me at age 51 that we're supposed to save & re-use the little rubber stoppers that are on the hooks when we buy them. You know, the little rubber things that look like miniature pencil erasers?

I've had the same problem with earrings falling out and it never occurred to me to use the rubber stoppers. I thought they were there only to keep the earrings on the display card!

Don't feel bad. I'm sure we're not the only two that are earring challenged!

Hope this helps.

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