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Materials for Making Car Air Fresheners


I need to know where to buy cardboard paper, or whatever it is, to make car fresheners. I don't mean the aroma beads. It looks like some sort of fiber paper, and I also need the directions to make them.

By Margaret from Tyler, TX


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By Keeper 58 1,055 09/16/2010 Flag

Hi, I'm not sure if your old enough to remember "ink blotters", but that's what I think it's like. Either a craft store or office supply store should have it.

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By Betty 104 753 11/22/2011 Flag

Put a few drops of vanilla extract or pure vanilla on a cotton ball and place it under the seat of your car. Smells wonderful.

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Archive: Materials for Making Car Air Fresheners

Where do you buy the cardboard shapes to make car air fresheners that they sell in candle shops (like Yankee candle)?

Marilyn from Beacon


RE: Cardboard For Homemade Air Freshener Blanks

Use fun foam, found at your local craft store. Cut a piece of fun foam into desired shape. You can draw it, or use cookie cutters to trace around. Cut the shape out. Paper edging scissors are fun to use! Take a drop or two of essential oil or fragrance oil (from the craft store or a health food store), and rub it on with your finger. Punch a hole in the top. Use your choice of a cord to hang it with. All done! Use them in the car, bathroom, kitchen, etc. Don't pay .99-1.99 to buy one when you can make them for a lot less. (06/05/2005)

By Cavelady

RE: Cardboard Shapes for Making Air Fresheners

I just bought 2 of the Yankee Candle Car fresheners at Cracker Barrell Old Country Store. I'm in Texas but I know they have these stores in Louisiana too. They can also be ordered directly from Yankee Candles for $1.99, exactly what I paid at the store. Good luck! (11/20/2005)

By Janine

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