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Numb Spot On My Thigh

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I have a numb spot on my thigh, I can't feel anything in that one spot but sometimes little pains go through it and it really hurts! (Especially if something touches the spot.) My doctor said it was "nerve damage" and that I could take Vitamin B6 to restore some feeling but it hasn't done a thing. My question is, would I have to get some kind of surgery to fix this - IS there even any way to fix it? Thanks for any advice!

Stacey from Orem, UT



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By Mrs Istre10/01/2008

"hi, I had posted something before, right now its 1:57am I was sleeping and I had a pain so bad on my left thigh, it was like someone took a hot knife and was cutting, I couldnt help but cry and go take a hot bath to pour water on it. It happens everytime I go into bed to go to sleep. But the difference is its getting worse(the stabbing pain) please help me if u have any advice... PLEASE!"

By Mrs Istre09/28/2008

"I have numbness and random moments of pain in my left upper and outterside thigh. It started off like a burning feeling, then the numbness and pain. I recently had a DNC done because I had the early stages of cancer in my uteris. The burning sensation started about 3 or 4 weeks after the dnc, while recoving from the dnc, meaning having to wait 6 weeks, to sit in water, heavy exercising and sexual activities. I took a bath about a week and a half early, I forgot I wasent suppose to sit in water. I got up as soon as I remembered. I also had sex with my husband about a week or so before the 6 weeks was up. Actually today makes 6 weeks for me. Im not sure if the numbness is related to the whole dnc thing or not. Can anyone help me???"

RE: Numb Spot On My Thigh

By Hope04/05/2007

Check with a rheumetologist.

By Pat (Guest Post)04/05/2007

Hi Stacy, I've had numbness in my thigh also - and I was told that it was from Sciatica. If you have had any back pain or leg pain this might be why you have the numbness also. It takes a very long time to go away but I think it eventually will. I had Sciatica pain about six months ago - and the numbness is just now starting to go away. I hope this will help you.

By sandy [63]04/05/2007

i had had surgery in my foot. i also have a numb space on my leg and was told that a turnquet was on the area where i am numb. sometimes it isnt but i just felt it and it is. the surgery was in 1978. go figure.

By susan [5]04/05/2007

If it is nerve damage, the nerve will have to regrow which takes a LONG time, if ever. Nerves grow up to 1/2" per year I believe.

If it is a pinched nerve, have you tried a good chiropractor? They can do wonders. (Forget about any horror stories that you've heard -- more people die from MD malpractice or meds than are injured from chiropractor adjustments.) Just try to find a reputable one if you decide to try this option, so you get the best care for the least amount of treatments. But remember: (1) not everyone responds the same, so it takes some longer to feel better than others, (2) it took a while to get in this condition, and may take a while to feel better too, and (3) manipulations are not miracle cures--few problems get resolved with one adjustment.

PS: Massage therapy increases blood flow and may help the nerves regrow at a faster pace.

By Jill (Guest Post)04/04/2007

Stacy, I had that happen when I got an emergency shot in my leg one time. I could stick pins in my leg and couldn't feel a thing for a really long time afterwards! Eventually, the feeling returned to the numb area. It took a few years, but everything is okay now.

Double check with your doctor. Is it possible that you may have accidentally had some kind of trauma to the area, similar to the shot I had, or maybe hitting the area on something, or even a sports or car accident?

If the numb area is interfering with your regular activities or you are finding that you are getting hurt due to not being able to feel injuries to the numb area, your doctor needs to help you out.

Best wishes for a full recovery.


By Freddy Bee04/04/2007

I just got back from the doctors for something kind of like this. It's called, Meralgia Paresthetica.

In short it's a nerve that comes from your spine and goes through the pelvis and into the leg.

They use an EMG test to discover a pinched nerve and then either x-rays or MRI's for further investigation.

From what I understand it isn't operable and may come and go in various levels for years.

I got a cortisone shot in my hip today after the EMG test last month found a pinched nerve.

My left leg is completely numb from the hip to the knee but only on the outside and I have a spot in the front of my thigh that feels like a nail has been pounded into the bone.

Terribly painful.

Here's a link to the description.

God speed and a prayer of faith for you.

By LisaBee04/04/2007

I use to have this! Plus a whole slew of other symptoms. Numbness in my face and I even developed Bell's Palsey. I switched my diet to all organic foods. Meat is a little harder to find organic, but I went to organic and health food stores and found farmers who do not use antibiotics at all in raising their farm animals and found that it is a lot cheaper to buy by the half or quarter than shopping in the grocery store. Within a few months I started noticing my symptoms going away slowly. Now I have been eating this way for 5 years. I have none of my health issues I had then. Neither does my husband. It is hard and you have to go without somethings and cook a little more than I was used to. You cannot go half way. But Milk and meat products make a big difference. They spray antibiotics on fruits and vegetables too. So all of my food has to be organic. It is more expensive but really not much. Hope you get yourself fixed.

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