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Freezing Swiss Chard

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Freezing Swiss Chard

Swiss chard can be frozen for later usage much the same as other greens. This is a guide about freezing Swiss chard.



Here are questions related to Freezing Swiss Chard.

Question: Freezing Swiss Chard

What is the best way to freeze swiss chard and tomatias?

Hardiness Zone: 5a

Kirk from Ellsworth, ME


Most Recent Answer

By Helen Maglio07/13/2009

Why do you remove the red stem and what do you do with it after you have set it aside?


Question: Freezing Swiss Chard

I have just harvested a bumper crop of Swiss chard. How should I prepare it for freezing?

By Susan D from Sturbridge, MA


Most Recent Answer

By karin [5]08/10/2011

Be sure to use fresh, crisp chard. First, rinse the leaves in plain cold water in a colander and bowl. Cut off stems and damaged areas. Bring a pot 2/3 full of water to a boil. Blanch greens for 3 minutes by covering pot. Cool greens immediately in ice water bath for 3 minutes. Drain them thoroughly for a minute. Place in a ziploc bag, removing as much air as you can with a straw. Enjoy!

Question: Freezing Swiss Chard

How do I freeze Swiss chard?

By Helen

Solutions: Freezing Swiss Chard

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Archive: Freezing Swiss Chard

How do you do prepare swiss chard for the freezer?

Sandy from Canada, Alberta

RE: Freezing Swiss Chard

Just blanch it for about 1 min till it shrinks, bag it or put it in a container and freeze. Isn't it the best? Better than spinach I think. It's great in salads also. (09/01/2006)

By Suitsme

RE: Freezing Swiss Chard

I wash, then cover with water and add a good chunk of fatback or bacon, Cook till tender. Allow to cool and package in freezer bags the amount suitable for a meal and freeze. When it is time to eat, I put the chard in a microwave bowl and heat and it is ready to serve. Joyce (09/02/2006)

By Johic1

RE: Freezing Swiss Chard

We have just eaten some chard that was frozen as picked. Simply washed under running water, thick end of chard stem trimmed and then packaged and frozen. Taken out of freezer and thrown into boiling water to cook. took approx 2 mins to defrost and cook. Tasted great and no texture loss. We froze it approx 3 months ago. Try it - got to be worth giving it a go. (09/03/2006)

By marie (UK)

RE: Freezing Swiss Chard

Parboil for five minutes. or Precook, seasoned or unseasoned, then freeze in Ziplock Freezer Bags. It's one of my most favorite foods and EASY to grow YEAR 'ROUND. I hope to grow more this year. God bless you. (09/04/2006)

By Lynda