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Removing Paint Odors

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How do I remove paint odors in new paint before painting my walls?

Lynn from Florida



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By Mike [1]12/19/2009

They do make an additive that makes the paint smell good when you apply it and for a few months afterwards.

http://www.westsidedecoratingcenter ... /36-paint/78-paint-scentsations.html

Hope that helps.

By ritadita11/28/2009

The only thing that seems to clear the air in a freshly painted room is lots of ventilation; cross ventilation if possible. I have been painting with Kilz Odorless Primer and Olympic Premium Zero VOC, low odor paint. These products still have a bit of an odor and so the rooms should be ventilated during painting and while they are drying. No paint is completely odorless. Olympic paint is sold at Lowe's.

OSH sells Dutch Boy Freshair (?) paint that is zero VOC and it has baking soda in it I believe. It is supposed to help keep your home smelling fresh. I have not tried it. Home Depot sells Freshaire brand paint with zero VOCs. It is non-toxic because they have their own non-toxic tints. The paint can says "no chemical odor." Ace Hardware sells a brand of non-toxic paint also called Mythic. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams also carry Low VOC/Low Odor paints. I have found Olympic to be considerably less expensive than the rest.

By Irene (Guest Post)01/25/2009

I painted 4 rooms with absolutely no odor by putting a few drops of real vanilla extract in each gallon of paint. It really does work!

By Freda F. (Guest Post)01/24/2009

Cut an onion and leave in the room until your finished painting.

By Janet [11]01/24/2009

They sell low odor paint now.

By (Guest Post)01/24/2009

I have been told that you can buy odorless paint, but I have never seen it and I don't know what brand it is.

By Janette [91]01/23/2009

I read somewhere to put vanilla extract in the paint and the odor would be gone. Never tried it myself tho.It has to be pure vanilla extract and not imitation vanilla. You could also try a site I like called They will have more ideas there. ~Janette~

By metroplex [82]01/22/2009

I've heard adding vanilla extract to the paint will take away the paint smell odor. I don't know how much - 1 tablespoon per gallon?

Good Luck!

By Harry (Guest Post)01/22/2009

I don't think you can. Once the paint dries and the room has plenty of ventilation the paint odor will subside. I suppose there are cosmetic household sprays you could use to disguise the odor.

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