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Substitute for Chicken and Beef Bouillon


I am looking for a substitute for chicken and beef bouillon. The trick is... it has to be:

corn free
wheat free
soy free
peanut free

I know that may be tricky, unfortunately this isn't all of my mom's allergies.

Labelreadinmomma from Wyoming



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By Ellen 3 06/15/2006 Flag

Here is a veggie broth recipe for you.

Use what you need and freeze the rest in 1 or 2 cup contaners

1 gallon Water

2 stalks Celery, large dice

2 large Onions, large dice

3 Carrots, large dice

1 cup Tomatoes, diced

1/2 cup Cabbage, chopped

1 teaspoon Garlic, minced

8 stems Parsley

1 Turnip, large dice

Salt and pepper to taste


Place all ingredients in a large soup pot. Slowly bring to a boil.

Reduce the heat and simmer 2 1/2 hours.

Strain through a colander. Use as a soup base.

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By beanygurl 1 90 06/15/2006 Flag

Are you using it to flavor other dishes?? Make a home made soup broth using chicken bones with meat or beef bones with meat and some veggies, like onion, carrot and celery. Simmer for up to 2 hours, remove the bones and meat and veggies and strain then return to the stove. Simmer until reduced (this removes excess liquid and intensifies the flavor). Cool and skim off any fat, then pour into ice cube trays. When frozen, pop the broth concentrate cubes into a ziploc bag and keep frozen until needed for a recipe.

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By swimom (Guest Post) 06/15/2006 Flag

I don't use regular bouillion due to the MSG and other funky stuff in it. I have found a great product called "Better Than Bouillion," that I really like. It doesn't have any of the items you mentioned, and even comes in an organic version. Though it is not a vegitarian substitute, it has actual chicken meat and natural juices. Also comes in beef. In San Diego you can buy it at Trader Joes and Barrons. Good Luck!

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By Chris Ellyson 2 82 06/15/2006 Flag

Ask for ideas or resources from a professional -- a registered dietian....local cooking school, community health clinics, community college...make homemade chicken or beef stock (endless recipes online free, just google) and freeze it in individual servings in baggies. Blessings for health and long life.

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By Chris Ellyson 2 82 06/15/2006 Flag

great entries in "homemade frozen boullion cubes" listed below in "related links"

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By Warren D. Lockaby 2 168 06/15/2006 Flag

If you're going to use it in another dish the homemade stock/broth suggestions are a great way to go (the veggie broth recipe sounds wonderful!) Depending on what you're cooking you might consider using fruit or veg. juices, wine, or beer in place of the bouillon. I dislike cooking with water in most things and have found that there is almost always something better that adds flavor. All water adds is wetness and I can't taste that. ;) The main exception is making stock and such.

When you have leftover ham bones, scrappy chicken parts, scraps left over from cutting up a roast to make stew, etc, save it in the freezer. Then when you have enough of whatever to make stock (and a little extra time) add your seasonings, cook it up and freeze it.

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By Sherry Hampton 35 60 06/16/2006 Flag

Veggie Broth in the Can or Box ( Swansons ). Read the contents.
We use it to cook Collard Greens in for extra flavor.
Plain water is a no-go for Greens.

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By Serah B. (Guest Post) 04/16/2007 Flag

Here is a recipe for beef bouillon that uses only vegetables, beef and salt. You freeze the cubes and use them like regular bouillon cubes.

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By Brian (Guest Post) 08/03/2008 Flag

"I don't use regular bouillion due to the MSG and other funky stuff in it. I have found a great product called "Better Than Bouillion," that I really like."

I have bad news for you. Better Than Bouillion does indeed have MSG in it. They don't call it MSG, so you don't think it's there. Two of the ingredients listed on the label are Hydrolyzed Soy Protein and Autolyzed Yeast Extract, both of which are forms of MSG.

In short: Make your own. That's the only way to be safe.

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By Ruth (Guest Post) 10/04/2008 Flag

I do know of gluten free, corn, and soy free bouillon. It can be found on online and other places, as well as gluten, corn, soy free chicken. good luck!

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