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White Clothes Are Now Pink

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I accidentally turned white clothes pink. How do I get them back to white?

By josephrmll from 00623


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By Lisa Morris08/30/2010

Never use Carbona Color Run Remover. It will run all the colors into each other. This will not save you money. Try washing them again with a color catch cloth. This was not a thrifty solution, it cost me so much more money. I used 3 packages at $3 each. Now I have to replace all my daughter's clothes. I am guessing it will be over $100.

By Toni Clouston08/07/2009

I've tried bleaching an accidental pink shirt and it turned it a peach color.

By Cyinda [214]08/06/2009

You can use a color remover, but before you buy it, if you clothes are all white, try bleach:.
Color Remover:
RIT also makes one. You'll find it at any craft or fabric store.


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Archive: White Clothes Are Now Pink

I accidentally had a red shirt in washing machine with all my cotton whites. My underwear, my husbands and favorite white night shirts are now pink. I am soaking in Oxyclean overnight with bleach for colors. Any other idea if the clothes are still pink tomorrow?

Sue from FL

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Rit makes Color Remover. It comes in a little white box with purple lettering. You can buy it at Walmart. My husband had washed a brand new pair of dark blue jeans with my cream sheets, and I used this stuff. Everything came out. I think they make stuff specifically for whites turned pink. Hope that helps!

By princslugi

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

I love a product called Iron Out, made specifically for removing rust from clothes. You can find it in the cleaning isle of your grocery or department store.

By Tripleb

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

I swear by this recipe. One half cup of Clorox bleach and one half cup of powdered Cascade in a gallon of warm water. Soak overnight.

By Sandy

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Old trusty chlorine bleach works great for 100% cotton whites. You have to be careful and follow the directions, though, because fabric can be weakened if it comes in direct contact with undiluted bleach.

By LizCar

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Rit also makes two other products with descriptions like whiteners/brighteners . Be sure to buy Rit "Color Remover" mentioned by princslugi rather than these whiteners/brighteners They are probably not strong enough to get the pink out. I have used the color remover and had good success.

By Claudia

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Put the clothes in a basin with your usual detergent. Boil a cut up lemon in about 1 cup of water for a couple of minutes. Add it to the clothes and let them soak. They will come out bright and white.

By Joanne

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

I am dealing with a 20x30 flag that faded. soaking is out of the question. It will get worse. It has to be done by hand I will try the lemon. Rit color remover will not work, because it will affect the red.

Editor's Note: I recommend Oxiclean rather than the lemon juice, to get the white back to white and keep the red, red.

By April -Swift Flag

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Carbona Color Run Remover. Pink box, blue writing. You can find it at any store.

By Alicia

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Try soaking the clothing in cold water and salt. It seemed to help when my red dress with white flowers became a red dress with pink flowers.

By Tina

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

Yeah, there is a product in the cleaner isle that is made for that. I think it was Tide. Check it out

By Alicia

Archive: White Clothes Are Now Pink

While washing clothes in the washing machine, accidentally the colour from one red t-shirt bled into the other clothes. Now all the other clothes, white and coloured have turned pink. Please help me and let me know how to get the colour out from the other clothes. Will they get their normal colour back.


Jeniferm from India, Mumbai

Archive: White Clothes Are Now Pink

I accidentally turned everything in the wash pink. Is there anyway that I can get everything back to it's normal color? The wash was mostly whites, T-shirts, etc.

By Donna7666 from TX

RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

If everything that got a color change is cotton you could very carefully bleach them back to white, as for the colors, you might want to go ahead and make them a "color" and say you wanted them that way. That way you can get the rest of the use for most of the items. Of course if they are pink, and you live near Phoenix (Joe the warden), Arizona, you might want to rethink that. Of course I am trying to be funny in an un-funny situation, but I have done that before, just to save on my kids clothing expenses. If you do bleach anything, do not over do the amount. You can always do a second wash and rinse. (06/27/2009)


RE: White Clothes Are Now Pink

A few years ago my ex husband had told me a shirt of his that I had bought was pink. I paid quite a bit for it and wasn't too happy. He brought it over and I used Carbona color remover. This shirt had decals or silkscreen too, but I thought well it is already ruined what the heck. It was beautiful and he wore it to the father daughter dance. (06/27/2009)

By moonlady

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