1970's Weight Watchers Plans

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Finding the older diet recipes that have worked for you is sometimes a challenge. This guide is about 1970's Weight Watcher plans.



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Question: Where Can I Find the 70's Weight Watchers Diet Plan?

Does anyone have a copy of the Weight Watchers diet from the 1970s that they could share? or know how to find one online? I've lost mine and that diet seemed to work for me back then and the new versions don't now. The new one is too lenient for me. I need the structure of the old diet. Thanks.

By Janet from AR


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By BonnieAlice [12]02/03/2012

The post from MartyD is exactly right! I did the same thing, and found the 1970s weight watchers. In the 60s the original plan was very Spartan; 1970s included fats and was wonderful, with just enough structure (as I need as well) but a little wiggle room on what you ate & when. I remember them saying they found that this version produced body shape changes that they hadn't seen before, or expected. Here's the website: http://www.dwlz.com/WWinfo/old1972ww.html

Question: 60's and 70's Weight Watchers Food Plans

I am looking for the original diet food exchange program from Weight Watchers from the 1960s.

By Margern from Murrysville, PA


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By sel52912/31/2012

Old Weight Watchers (1970s-1990s) Exchange Booklet
https://docs.google.com/document/d/ ... -qWap2yZNkBA4w2nX4dMxztLf705O3U/edit

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