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Using Baking Soda to Kill Lice


Does Baking Soda really kill lice eggs?

By mandayyx3 from Wilmington, DE


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By Cyinda 214 1,287 07/14/2009

Wow! I've had lice (from trying on a hat at a thrift store!) & so have my kids, & If it were me, I'd not mess around with baking soda or any of the "natural" products, but would use a product that kills the eggs right away, on contact. I used the product called "Nix". It's a cream rinse (not a shampoo) & unlike most products (like Rid) that only kill the lice, Nix kills the lice AND their eggs (nits) too!

* Take care of this right away! & as effectively as possible because I had a friend that didn't want to use anything toxic on her kids or pets but then her house got TOTALLY infested. She tried EVERYTHING! ...Eventually she had to get rid of ALL of her upholstered furniture & carpeting & even some of her bedding It took her a whole month to do this. Eventually their whole house was almost bare! It's the only way she could get rid of the nasty critters!

Here's an article about getting rid of the eggs without chemicals: ... hemicals-natural-treatments-for-nits

But, it comes down to combing the nits away, day after day, with a fine tooth "nit comb"(& hoping you get each & every one of them!) Miss one & you're infested all over again!

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By nita 1 07/14/2009

My daughter brought lice home, and was nice enough to share it with my grand daughter, When my son and his family moved, They took the lice too. One of his friends told him to put Listerine on her head, then put a plastic bag over her head and sleep on it, and sure enough the next morning the bugs and eggs just fell out of her hair and you hair is very soft afterward, I have used this too and YES it does work.

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By Louise B. 6 2,541 07/15/2009

I am sure that baking soda doesn't work. If it did, people would have used it in pioneer times. My mother said that they used kerosene! Don't fool around with home remedies. Use the proper products purchased in the drug store, save your self a lot of grief, and avoid spreading the lice to the whole neighbourhood.

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By Rose 8 07/15/2009

I use Diatomaceous Earth A.K.A. DE Earth. It's 100% all natural, it kills everything from lice, mosquitoes, fleas and everything in between. Get the Food Grade, NOT the pool grade. The food grade can be taken by humans and pets whereas the pool grade has chemicals.

I'm telling you, this is miracle stuff here! I plan on starting my daily diet of 1/2 teaspoon for a week and then upgrade in 1/2 teaspoon increments until I reach 2 teaspoons. Please look it up, it's fabulous.

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By Tina Brown 5 100 07/15/2009

I don't know about lice in furniture, but my husband buys a chemical called Demon at the feed store. It is a powder packet that has to be dissolved in water and then sprayed on the floor and all furnishings, top and bottom, very thorough. It is a very strong poison and a mask should be worn. There should be someone outside to check on the person inside and once the spraying is over you need to leave the house for about 2 hours, with the windows up. Keep all children and pets away from the spray until it dries totally.

It will kill roaches, ants and most all pest except fleas. For a flea poison, you can go online and search for a poison called Flee, it is expensive but it is worth is because it last a long time. It is the same as what the exterminator uses. It is not supposed to be toxic to people or animals, but we stayed away until it had dried. It has no odor. We found that we didn't have to put any flea drops on our dogs while using Flee spray in the house. It is also designed to use outside, under the house and on the outside pets betting.

Oh, Salt is suppose to get rid of fleas as well, inside and out, but salt is very abrasive and will harm your carpet, but will work well outside and kill any plants it gets on. I hope this helps you some.

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