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Green Wine Bottle with Molded Brown Monkey

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Can anyone tell me about a green wine bottle with a brown monkey wrapped around it?

By Rickey from Jasper, TN


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By kay201306/22/2013

Affentaler Dry Riesling - winzergenossenschaft buhl, a white wine - Valley of the Monkeys. It is a great wine.

By Noella [11]01/26/2010

Check out this page - maybe it is the same brand

By Cornelia [45]01/26/2010

if you are a member of Ebay, (signing up is free and simple) go to Community and find a list that you can post a picture on and tell what you know about it.

By rickey [4]01/25/2010

My wine bottle is not painted.The monkey is molded as part of the bottle. Thank you for trying to help.

By Dawn [5]01/23/2010

I believe it is a wine bottle holder is what you are thinking of and any bottle color can go with it -


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Question: Molded Wine Bottle with Monkey Wrapped Around It

I have one too. It is a blue green bottle with stopper and brown monkey. Does anyone know something about this bottle?

By Mary

Most Recent Answer

By Lewissan [39]05/25/2013

Hi Mary,

Visit this search on eBay: ... from=R40&_nkw=monkey+wine+bottle

You'll see several different bottles for sale there, maybe there is one like yours. Might give you an idea of the value as well some information about who makes it.

Question: Value of Wine Bottles with Monkey Molded on Glass

I have some green or brown wine bottles with a monkey molded on it. Are these rare and is there a value to the bottle? They are empty and the one has a state of Illinois decal on it. Thanks.

By Bill

Most Recent Answer

By Karen H. [10]08/14/2012

Good Luck. If they aren't worth much you could make a nice lamp or use as a vase.

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