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Removing Mildew on House Siding

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My house has some green and black mildew on the brick and siding. The house does not need painting. I am thinking of having it power washed to remove the mildew. What time of year should it be done? I live in the Southeast.

Iris from Columbia SC


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By Guest (Guest Post)08/20/2008

I have used successfully a product called "INSTAGONE".
Spray on and watch stains disappear and wash off. It is available from "" It worked for me.

By Janet [7]07/19/2008

I lived in Louisiana for about 20 years. I had my house pressure washed every year or two. It thoroughly took off any mold or dirt. The house was brick with exposed wood & trim & soffits. Any areas that didn't get direct sun, often got a little mold. The pressure washing also extended the life of the paint. I researched paint & bought the Valspar product made for the South with a mildew inhibitor in it. My paint lasted for about 16 years before it showed signs of needing to be redone in a year or two. The washer also did the carport floor & driveway. The brick house looked great after the washing & was worth the $70.00-$100.00 that it cost (last time I had it done in LA was pre-Katrina).

By Carol (Guest Post)03/09/2006

I, personally, dont think power washing is all its cracked up to be... It forces water under the siding of your house or deck. (Dont forget water and wood dont mix...) The water goes in all the little invisible cracks. Also, for mold or mildew you need to use chlorine bleach... let it set and then rinse... Are you sure the green isnt moss? I have moss growing on my roof.. Moss and mildew can come together.. imho because each thrives in a wet or damp environment.. BTW, look into removing any trees, bushes, or plants that cover your house and prevent the sun from shining on the places where the mildew is growning... Best of luck...

By (Guest Post)03/08/2006

we have white vinyl siding on our house and we get the green mold on ours too. what we do is every spring we spray it down with clorox. My hubby uses a sprayer that you pump by hand...I think it is also used for spraying plants and trees. anyway it works great. no need to rinse or scrub or anything. We were going to get ours powerwashed , but then we heard that is could put holes in the siding if the person doing it didn't do it just right, so we just spray it every year now with the clorox. hth.

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