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Keeping Fruit From Turning Brown

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When I cut fresh fruit for a salad it turns Brown. How can I keep this from happening?

Thanks for your help,
Missy from Las Vegas



Recent Answers

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By (Guest Post)03/02/2009

Lemon juice

By Angie (Guest Post)06/23/2008

Pineapple juice works just as well as lemon and tastes a lot better too.

By (Guest Post)05/05/2008

Keep a fruit such as an apple or pear in a fresh fruit container and put it in the fridge. Make sure fruit is fresh or use lemon juice.

RE: Keeping Fruit From Turning Brown

By Breanna (Guest Post)04/23/2008

I heard lemon juice works

By (Guest Post)03/05/2008

If you don't want fruit to brown put them in water with a vitamin c tablet. It does work. I used it for a science experiment.

By zooziy (Guest Post)01/16/2008

I have heard to put lemon juice or salt water on it.

By Peggy Oliver (Guest Post)11/21/2007

A few years ago I bought a product named "Tater White" which was used mostly by restaurants. It worked well on any fruits or vegetable and took only a small amount. One package lasted me for years, but I can't find it anymore. Does anyone know where I can find it?

By Carin09/27/2007

I've read this tip in a recipe book the other day. I must try it out first though. They say that you must pop an apple, banana or avocado quickly in boiling water before peeling it. The skin of the banana and avo might turn black, but the fruit will not be affected. After this, the fruit will not turn brown once peeled. I don't know - it sounds too good to be true. I will try it and let you know.

By lou favi. (Guest Post)09/06/2007

When I make a banana pie the bananas turn brown after one day, how can I prevent this?

loufavi AT

By jean (Guest Post)08/28/2007

Orange juice also works to keep fruit from turning brown.

By (Guest Post)03/16/2007

What if i don't have lemon or lime juice... What do i use to keep my sliced apples from turning brown?

By annette (Guest Post)07/23/2006

how do you keep bananas from going brown
after you freeze them""

By lexi&me (Guest Post)04/02/2006

I am holding a bridal shower, I am having a chocolate fountain, I would like to prepare the cutting of apples, bananas, etc. before hand. Is there any way to keep the fresh fruit from turning brown before I can serve it?

By Sarah (Guest Post)03/18/2006

How do Bananas turn brown in less than a week?And will putting bananas in the refrigerator make them turn brown faster?

By Lovinit (Guest Post)03/15/2006

can anyone tell me WHY the seed keeps it from turning black? I am a believer of using the seed... LOL but today I was asked by a co-worker WHY it works? I said hmmmmmmmm let me google that! LOL and here I am!

Editor's Note: It works because there are enzymes in the seed that help keep avocados from darkening.

By LaKeshia (Guest Post)07/23/2005

This isn't about fruit, but just a side note for future reference. From what I hear, to keep peeled potatoes from getting brown you put them in a bowl of water and sprinkle a little sugar over top. Haven't tried it personally but I heard that it works from several people

By badwater [242]05/20/2005

When making guacamole put the avocado seed back in the dish after you've finished preparing it. This will keep it a pretty green color.

By mairmie (Guest Post)05/19/2005

If you really don`t care for the lemon juice flavor there is a product called "Fruit Fresh". You`ll find it at the grocery store with all the canning/preserving products. It works just great!

By scribbles4u (Guest Post)05/17/2005

Lemons are great to keep apples and other fruits from turning brown but the avacado comes with it's own preservative. Just peel & half the avacado, throw out the skin but put the pit to the side.Prepare your avacado in a bowl by mashing, then add your mayo, seasoning, etc. When you've gotten it to your liking put the pit in the center of the bowl. Your guacamole should stay fresh and green!

By Vic (Guest Post)05/17/2005

Does anyone know how to keep avocado from turning without using citrus? I like to take it to work but it's brown before I can eat it. Citrus turns it to mush plus I don't want it to taste like that. Thanks.

By Pat Giles05/17/2005

Sprinkle a little lemon juice (fresh or bottled) on the fruit; then stir up well to distribute the juice. This will even keep banana from turning.

By Terri [7]05/16/2005

If you don't want the tartness of lemon juice, any lemon-lime soda will work - even diet.

By Linda Thomas [7]05/16/2005

Sprinkle it w/ lemon juice.

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