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Taking Honey for Energy


Honey is a great way to increase your stamina. I take a teaspoon a day and have energy to burn. To get the very last bit of honey out of the jar or bottle, simply remove the lid and microwave for 10-15 seconds. It quickly becomes thinner and pourable again.

By Glynda Lomax


By Jo Bodey 1 234 11/19/2004 Flag

Honey has no magical properties - it is sugar and will give you as much energy as a spoonful of sugar! It is very yum though!



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By JB (Guest Post) 12/01/2007 Flag

Honey actually is a healthier alternative to sugar. Honey does not contain some of the cancer enabling agents sugar has.

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By Kayly (Guest Post) 02/22/2008 Flag

I'm trying to do a school project on honey as quick energy, and all this negative energy is confusing me.

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By Stace from KS (Guest Post) 04/04/2008 Flag

Actually honey does have some magical properties. It contains a 1:1 ratio of fructose and glucose and that fuels your liver to produce recovery hormones. Simply put, your recovery hormones rebuild things in your body (if you want to know more, I can tell you). AND, once your liver has the fuel it needs to produce these recovery hormones, the hormones themselves have a fuel they feed on: your fat stores. This physiological phenomenon happens most at night, believe it or not. So eat a spoonful of honey right before bed!
Also, honey can provide a bit of tolerance-building for an individual with allergies. If you have allergies to any kind of plant in your area, eat local honey. The bees create that honey from the plants found in your area and then the honey contains properties from those plants in very small quantities, thus allowing your body to develop a tolerance to those plants.
I could tell you much more about the "magical properties" of honey but I'll stop with those two. To me, those are the big, "cool" things about honey.

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