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Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

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We have two puppies, one Sheltie and one Pomeranian. Both were acquired on the same day. The Sheltie understands to do his business outside, but the Pomeranian just can't get it about peeing inside versus taking it outside. He has the pooping down.

We have tried crate training, taking him out constantly, praising when he does go outside, getting up at 2:00 in the morning for 5 weeks now, etc.



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By Alex A.02/26/2015

We just got a Pom, she's white and blue. We've had her 6 weeks and she was 8 weeks when we got her.

We are having problems housebreaking her, she goes about 50% of the time on pads to pee but poos anywhere she feels like it.

Any suggestions to help the process in getting house trained would be appreciated.

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By lynd92902/24/2015

My boyfriend has a male 5 yr old Pomeranian. This dog has peed on everything! It's getting to me. He is crate trained and confined to the kitchen and still pees in his wrap (3 bounty paper towels) soak it all up but still. If I have him out playing and get side tracked and don't pay attention to him for one second he sneaks away and lifts his leg and continues even when I catch him doing it. He doesn't even stop he just looks at me and growled.

I'm at the point of kicking his butt out to a rescue. We have a baby on the way and I refuse to fight with this dog anymore. I don't know what else to do other then keep him in the crate all day and let him out a couple times a day (what's worse sending him to the SPCA?).

He is aggressive when he doesn't want to do something like for example if he is laying on the couch before bed time and I want to take him out. He will bite a growl and snarl just with me trying to hook the leash on him. I have no time or patience for a disrespectful dog with no manners. I have tried everything if he lunges at me one more time he is out!

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By passion10/16/2014

I have a mini pom she is 1 year old. I cannot house break her. I have tried and tried and tried she just will not use the pupee pads. I will put her on the pad she will lay down on it or either sit there shaking scared to death staring at me looking like are you retarded? She will poop or pee wherever she wants. I dont wanna get rid of her she is so sweet but I don't know what or how to train her? Any tips? Suggestions? Please please help me! Thank you

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Tony O.10/08/2014

I have 2 poms and it only took me 2 weeks to housebreak my poms I got them when they were 8 weeks old from different parents. You can leave them in the house all day and they will not use the bathroom in the house. 1 male and female,but when you get home you better stand back when you open the door because they have to go. And when they get done doing there thing they want lots of loving. A bunch!

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Pam B.06/24/2013

I have a 5 year old Male Pom who is still having accidents and constantly marks. We crate him at night and make sure he has always has access outside but he still marks. I can't take him to friends because he mark the minute he enters their home or sneaks when we are not looking. I am looking for a diaper so we can take him on vacation!

By sundaze7201/11/2013

My female got her bladder (knicked) during her surgery to get fixed. She goes constantly. And for 4 lbs we came up with a solution- sz 3 baby diapers, we cut a hole in them 4 inches center from where you tape. Tape on the back (opposite to using it on a human ). My male 7 lbs spots when not let out for longer than 4 hrs. Will use pee pads in inclement weather.

By SusannL [28]01/16/2011

I don't recall any problems housetraining my male Pomeranian. He isn't the smaller toy. He weighs 13 lbs. He does some excited peeing though sometimes. Just a tiny amount. Not sure I can stop that.

By Sharon [4]03/10/2010

Here's our rescued little 8 year old Thumper. He's a standard Pom and we had to have him neutered. He's been nothing but a joy. Because he was older when we got him, we didn't have to do any potty training. he goes right outside and does his business immediately.

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Sharon [4]03/10/2010

I have 2 rescued Poms. Neither is a toy. Both are the standard size. the toy ones have more problems over all. My vet told me they have breathing problems because they have been bred down so small. Anyway, we rescued a 8 year old boy Pom from a terminally ill relative. He is fully house broke. The other was 1 1/2 when we got her. She will go outside but during the winter she has accidents in the house although she is let out a lot. Rarely see her do it. Just see the wet spot on the carpet.

I use Nature's Miracle. She also poops inside sometimes. I think she is just stubborn. I do recommend adopting a rescued dog rather than spending the $$$ for one from a breeder. Rescued dogs are so wonderful. It took 6 months for our 2 1/2 to socialize because she was rescued from a back yard breeder and would not bark but she has integrated very well now. I think standard size poms are great pets. The toys are really cute but can have more health problems. I'm glad I passed them by although there are a lot needing adoption. For the reasons in the other posts. Potty training frustrates some folks. Here's a picture of Crissy, our now 3 year old little girl.

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Angela Mueller02/25/2010

As far as playing around goes when you take your pom outside. Keep saying go potty and don't play with them just stand there. Be persistent and if you have a fenced yard go back in the house leaving the dog outside. They don't like that. Then after a couple of minutes go back out with him and take him to the same spot and tell him again "go potty" keep doing this and when they do go potty let them back into the house. They want to be inside with you and when they see going potty will give that reward they will go as soon as you take them out if they truly have to go.

My little boy goes immediately once outside but he won't go unless I am out there with him. I can't just kick him outside and shut the door. That doesn't work. He will become less clingy once he gets more secure with the fact you will be there when he is done. My older female used to be the same way but now she is happy to go out on her own. Like I said before....lots of love, patience and persistence and in time you will have the love of your life living in your home.

By Angela Mueller02/25/2010

Here is the pic of "Sasha" Her first snow.

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Angela Mueller02/25/2010

I am the proud owner of 2 Pomeranian's. One Female 14 months old and one Male 4 months old. I got the female when she was only 6 weeks old and it took several months to potty train her. It took persistence and a lot of it. She is now completely potty trained and will go to the back door to ask to go out when she needs to. The male is harder to train even though I have only had him a couple of weeks. He is very stubborn but with lots of persistence he will be just fine. He is already getting the hint that it is not ok to potty in the house.

First thing you should do is always take them out the same way every time you take them out. They need a routine to get it into their thick heads. Next like everyone else said take them out very often. Even if you think they just went potty take them out again. Always say "Go Potty!" in a stern but soft voice. Say it over and over again until they do their business and when they do go potty praise them over and over again. "Good boy good boy". When you get back into the house be sure to keep saying good boy and give him a doggie treat.

My male is only 4 months old and he knows how to sit, lay down, and stand on his hind legs and beg with his front. so cute! I taught him all that in just 2 days. The key is patience, routine and lots of love. Don't get me wrong there are pleanty of days where I just throw up my hands and say "I give up" but most days he is doing real well. No Crate training doesn't work with the little guys. I have found giving them a room of their own with no carpets works best. I keep mine in the kitchen with doggie gates where they can still see everyone but not have access to carpet.

I use the training paper and sure he misses sometimes but you can tell he tried to hit the paper because he pee's on the edge. Half on the floor and half on the paper. Before long I am sure I will be able to free him from the kitchen and let him roam the house like my Female does. They are great dogs and very very smart. Watch them very closely and learn their body language and you will be able to learn when they need to pee or poo.

One tell tell sign is when they start sniffing the floor a lot. That means they are looking for a spot to go. Good luck. I hope this helped. here are a couple pics of my pom's. See why I love them so much. lol Adorable! Ok I guess I can only do one pic at a time so here is a pic of my 4 month old male "Simon" Then I will do another post with a pic of my 14 month old "Sasha".

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By T (Guest Post)02/19/2009

I just got a Pomerianian-Pekingese mix, he is now 9 weeks old. He has been peeing and pooping all over the house. When he gives me an indication that he needs to go poo, I take him outside. But all he does is play around. What should I do?

By bonny Taylor01/27/2009

Poms are a finicky breed, they usually like to stay clean. I have five pomeranians, Males are the hardest to train as they like to leave Pee-mail if they have not been fixed. Keep them in rooms without carpets as they don't like to get their feet wet. They tend to have more accidents in inclement weather. They like their routines so be consistent in their routines Puppy pads on a hard surfaced floor help. A carpet is the preferred place of relief for them as it does not splatter on their feet. Train them on hard surfaced floors if possible until they learn their routine. If they have an accident, turn the pad upside down to absorb the urine and clean the spot good on the floor. save the puppy pad so the pom will smell the urine and use it the next time . After a while , he will prefer it to the hard surface. Another tip, buy under pads made for people at the warehouse stores as they are less expensive and larger.
Dogs do not like the smell of vinegar. Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spray whatever you don't want them to urinate on or chew up. Spray corners of furniture or drapes if you have an unfixed male. If they chew your shoes spray them daily until they loose interest in them. If this information helps one pom owner to appreciate this breed, the rewards will well be worth the effort.

By Anna (Guest Post)01/22/2009

I have a 6 month old male and an 11 month old female pom. The male has been very hard to potty train although he's still a puppy. One of them manage to soil my bed twice which made me angry. They have also pee and poo in their crates relentlessly even when I have modified their eating schedule (no food at night) and take them out before bed time. By morning, I find a lot of messes. I have resorted to male doggie diapers and female diapers. They're working well as far as the accidents go but I do take them off at night. I highly suggest everyone get a belly band or diaper for this breed. These will probably be my last breed of pom and dogs PERIOD! I would've gave them away if it weren't for my husband insisting on keeping them.

By Anna (Guest Post)01/22/2009

I have a 6 month old male and an 11 month old female pom. The male has been very hard to potty train although he's still a puppy. One of them manage to soil my bed twice which made me angry. They have also pee and poo in their crates relentlessly even when I have modified their eating schedule (no food at night) and take them out before bed time. By morning, I find a lot of messes. I have resorted to male doggie diapers and female diapers. They're working well as far as the accidents go but I do take them off at night. I highly suggest everyone get a belly band or diaper for this breed. These will probably be my last breed of pom and dogs PERIOD! I would've gave them away if it weren't for my husband insisting on keeping them.

By keith (Guest Post)01/11/2009

I'm the husband in this situation. He's 6 yrs old and any thing I get that's new he pees on; new carpet, new table, new laptop, new shoes, anything... they're cute, but pees on just about any thing that doesn't smell like them. I would have given the little guy away if it weren't for the wife.

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Judi [17]10/25/2008

Dawn: I don't have time to read all the posts so may repeat somebody. Small breeds are (in my opinion) harder to train...not sure why. We have a froend who raises yorkies and she says they are very difficult and I had a hard time with my doxie. As far as helping you right now: You probably need to buy something like Nature's Miracle. It's an enzyme eater, not a cover up. Clean the preferred spots well and then put something over the spots so the dog CAN'T go there. It needs to be something that is raised off the floor a little so air can circulate. It might look funny to have an over turned chair in that spot but it's not forever. Maybe you need to take him out more often. He needs to go before and after eating, before and after playing, almost before and after breathing!! =(^.^)=

By dawn (Guest Post)10/25/2008

I have a 7 month old pom and he goes out side and pees & poo. One minute you take your eyes off him he pees. He has two spots he really likes to go, one being my little girls room in the corner. Any suggestion on that? My husband is getting really upset about this, every night we fight about it. Not sure what to do.Please HELP! I wonder if it' s the breed?

By Soon to b a pom owner (Guest Post)10/06/2008

Wow, I'm thinking about getting a pom here soon but I think I'll wait until summer break. Since I'm getting a male, does anyone have any tips to start right away?

By Joyce (Guest Post)08/17/2008

My female pom is 5 months old and I have tried crate training her, puppy pads, and taking her outside. My problem with puppy pads is that she will poop on them and then picks it up and carries it to the carpet, or eats it. THATS GROSS but I dont know how to stop it. She will pee outside after almost an hour but wont poop outside. And... she has chewed up everything, including my new couch. She has alot of toys and we praise her for chewing on the toys but I have never had a dog to chew on everything. Somebody please help me or I am going to have to find her a new home before my husband finds him a new home. Im desperate.

By (Guest Post)08/11/2008

I have a 2 yr old male pom, and it sounds like it may be the breed? Have tried everything from taking him out constantly to crate training. I did, however try the belly belts mentioned and that's been my best bet, thus far. He has it on all the time, except when he is let out to "go potty" or he goes into his crate at night. I made extras for when he has an accident, which is rare these days. Good Luck to all of you! I "feel your pain!"

By cherie (Guest Post)08/02/2008

I have a 2 year old female pom, named angel. She has been a BIG challenge to potty train. She goes outside with our 2 male poms, and walks around, and occasionally does her business. But a couple of hours later, I find a deposit or a wet spot on the rug..I have tried taking her out alone, and or more frequently, but these accidents continue. What should do? Baffled in North Carolina

By mary (Guest Post)06/15/2008

I have 3 poms. The large one has no problem being house broken (16lbs). My two that are 5 pounds each are 3 & 5 years old and neither is consistently house broken. If you turn your back or leave them all night, they will find the best rug and do their business. After reading this page, I feel like I am not alone.

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By Darlene (Guest Post)10/22/2007

My pom goes when we let him outside, but seems to go on floor when he gets mad at us from leaving his sight, even if we just go downstairs to the basement. Any ideas?

By Arica (Guest Post)09/18/2007

My Pom is 3 years old and for the past month or two I frequently wake up to a puddle on the kitchen rug or poop in the living room. She has always been excellent at letting me know when she has to go outside.
I had been using a bark collar (it beeps when she barks) to try to teach her to control the barking but I think she's afraid to bark to let me know she has to go outside! So I haven't been using the collar. I let her out every night before bedtime. I guess I have to get up earlier to make sure she gets outside!-without any accidents. I guess if that doesn't work, she may have to go in a crate at night :( she won't like that at all! She will probably start going during the day then!

Any comments? :)

By (Guest Post)09/15/2007

I have a 4 month old Pomeranian male puppy. He is extremely smart and has figured out "sit", "fetch" and a few other commands but just can't get housebroken.

If we take him out every 2 hours through the night from his crate to our balcony outside the apartment where we have a wee wee pad, he goes but not on his wee wee pad.

Should I be trying a litter box instead as he doesn't seem to like the wee wee pad much.

He will not give any real signs and its hard to tell if he's sniffing for play or duty.

I may try and have a place for play and a place for his potty and see how it goes.

By (Guest Post)08/14/2007

I have a 9 week old male Pom. Right after I feed him, I can take him outside and he will poop..I give him lots of praise. This has worked wonders! However, he pee's all day long inside my home. Even if I look at him, it's hard to tell when he pee's. If he is ready to poop - I can grab him & take him outside - but if he pee's, it's hard to tell what he is doing. Now this dog is "poop trained" - but he pee's every time in my house. Help!

By Nancy Gee (Guest Post)07/20/2007

I got my Pom when he was 3 months old, he is now 4 months. I tried to crate him but I live in an apartment and my neighbors would have a fit over his loud yips and cries from the crate so that was a no go. I have started to put diapers on him at night(I cut a hole for his tail), he went poo in the diaper a few times and that stopped he just peed after that, but the last 4 nights it was dry when I woke. I always take him out as soon as I take the diaper off. I hope this works, I will soon try a "no diaper" night and see how that goes. It sure isn't easy.

By Laura (Guest Post)01/24/2007

I have a three month old male pom who does his duty in his crate. I crate trained my other dog and it was a snap. I've divided his crate to prevent him from going where he sleeps. That has just made a messy pom. He's been a very smart little guy responding to certain commands...Sit, shake, etc. What am I doing wrong in the potty department?

By Mandi12/07/2006

I have a small male pom. He is the best thing ever but, he is giving me some trouble. I am constantly taking him outside but when I do, he wants to play and sniff and he tries to eat any/everything in sight! I just started to crate train him today, so hopefully this will work! He is 2month 1week and 4days old =] and I think that has a lot to do with it so I guess we will see! But if anyone has any tips please feel free to fill me in! My email is

By Ashley (Guest Post)12/02/2006

I just bought my male pom today... he was born on september first so that would make him about 3 months old. I've been trying to get a feel for his potty patterns but the only thing I've gotten down is that whenever he gets excited... there it goes. BUT when I take him outside he doesn't do anything but run around my feet like it's playtime. The thing I was told to do was crate train him, but I'm worried that it won't work and since we live in apartments.... carpet stains are very not good. I tell him no and rush him straight outside afterwards. Does that even work? I've NEVER owned a dog before and I'm lost. :(

but isn't he adorable? :):):)

RE: Housebreaking Problems with a Pomeranian

By (Guest Post)05/06/2006

My two and a half year old female pom has been super at housebreaking but lately will act scared at being outside and will occasional wait and do her business when she comes back inside. We are baffled at this behavior. What's going on????

By Carole (Guest Post)01/06/2006

I have 4 male pomeranians and have had various degrees of success in housebreaking and I agree that male poms are difficult. The solution I finally came up with...bellybands. Bellybands are a wide piece of cloth that go around the dogs waist and covers their penis. First, I measured the dogs around the waist and using felt fabric, I cut the length based on that measurement. Depending on the size of the dog, 5-6 inches is a good width. Then I sew on velcro at the ends to close the band of fabric. When I leave for work, all dogs get their bellybands put on. It has helped housebreak them because they really don't like peeing in their bellyband and then having to wear it. But there are times when I come home from work and their bellybands are wet. At least I saved the carpet. The felt material washes out very easily and is already dry in the morning. For females, you can buy doggie pants at the pet store that are used when the female dog is in heat. The only problem with them is that when you wash them, you will need to put them in a dryer to dry as they are usually made of heavy cotton and dry slowly.

By Maura (Guest Post)10/13/2005

My Pom puppy is also going thru the same problem. When taking your dog outside, make sure you let him know that you mean businuess. Don't play or talk to your dog when he is to go to the bathroom. Take the dog to the same spot everyday and not the spots you play in outside. You dont want the dog to mistake bathroom time for play time. Praise him on doing things good, but when the dog has an accident dont get frustrated. Just take the dog the accident and say "No" and then clean it up. Becoming frustrated and yelling at the dog when he has an accident just makes him think potty time is bad and he wont want to do it. When dogs look forward to things it makes it much easier. Remember, all dogs have different attitudes so a book can help but it wont solve your problems. Look for signs from your dog and what works for him. Make it something fun for the both of you!

By Alexandra (Guest Post)09/06/2005

My Pom hangs out in a playpen when we are not home, so as soon as I walk in the door I take him outside. Also, he sleeps in a crate (he has a bad tendency to chew up electrical wires and suchlike, as well as to run after my ferrets) so when I wake up I promptly walk him. Hes gone from peeing all over my floor to only having infrequent accidents. So your best bet is to keep taking him out, at regular intervals, and praise him after each walk. But remember to keep his walks on a schedule, otherwise he wont get the concept that he has to wait to pee outside.

By (Guest Post)09/02/2005

Dogs will not use the bathroom where they must eat. If he has a favorite area he likes to tinkle in, try putting his food bowl there. You are doing correctly by taking him out first thing in the am, after every drink or meal, and before bed at night, in addition to several opportunities thru out the day. You may wind up moving the food bowl to a few different locations before he stops, but keep trying. You might also try a sml snack in addition to the praise just after he goes outside. Good luck!!! bbb

By Meari [8]09/02/2005

Some poms take a long time to train. I've had two of them. The first one was easy. My current one is a year old and will go to the bathroom outside each time I take her out, but she does not give any indication when she needs to go and will go wherever she's standing at the time. So, I try to take her out often and praise her. I crate trained both dogs. I, too, got up at 2, 3, 4 in the morning when she was a puppy to take her out. She's been good lately -- I keep her in the kitchen and she hasn't gone on the floor. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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