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Using Up Body Lotion


I have so many bottles of nice body lotion. There is only so much of it that can be used before it loses its color or fragrance. Is there a way to combine the lotion with liquid soap to make a nice fragrant hand soap? Or can the lotion be combined with plain bar soap and put into a hand pump dispenser? Does anyone know the proportions? Thanks for any and all tips.




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By debbie (Guest Post) 07/20/2005

What about donating them to a local women's shelter or nursing home for a tax write off. These are people who need a little TLC.

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By suzi homemaker (Guest Post) 07/21/2005

Don't mix the lotions together. I tried that once to save space, and the lotion came out with a gritty texture and I had to throw it away!

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By Lisa 1 07/24/2005

I worked at a shelter for battered women for six years. The residents there loved getting lotions, soaps, anything that made them feel a little more comfortable.

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By valery 19 71 08/05/2005

In a pinch, I have used body lotion as well as hair conditioner to shave my legs.

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By Shellee (Guest Post) 10/22/2008

When lotions lose their scent or I don't particularly like them but they've already been started (so they can't be donated), I use them for my feet. I lotion them and put socks on (full socks in the winter, socks with the toes cut off in the summer) for about an hour while the lotion absorbs into my skin and makes my feet baby-bottom soft!

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