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Cleaning Dry-Erase Board Erasers


Any suggestions for cleaning dry-erase board erasers? I have some real black ones.
Callie from Carolina


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By (Guest Post) 09/11/2004 Flag
they say wash with warm soap water

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By Lisa Trudeau 35 09/13/2004 Flag

Use toothpaste to clean it. Just put it on and scrub with a cloth, then rinse clean.

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By (Guest Post) 09/13/2004 Flag

Are they the kind that have some fuzzy material on a foam block? If so, I have had great success wetting them down, then rubbing in some liquid soap. Then rinse, repeat, etc until they are clean.

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09/13/2004 Flag

Another Alternative
Replacement Eraser for Dry-Erase Board

Cut a "slice" off of the short end of a yellow scotch-brite type sponge with the scrubber backing. Pick just the right spot on your board and attach *only* the hook side of a piece of Velcro. Use the scrubber backing as the "loop" side and hang your new eraser. Voila! It doesn't get knocked behind the fridge as often, and it's also easy to discard/recycle (I'll think of something!) & replace once it gets really, really, really dirty.

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By Ann (Guest Post) 09/14/2004 Flag

I clean our office erasers with a squirt of dish soap and warm water, gets all the dry erase ink right out

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By Rosa from CA (Guest Post) 05/18/2007 Flag

I use dish washing liquid to soak them and then scrub them. Rinse with water and then put them out to dry in the sun. If you want to do some routine maintenance in between washings, then scrub them with paper towels til there is just a bit of gray stain on the towels. You can do this 1-2 a week.

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By Ericka (Guest Post) 09/12/2008 Flag

I spray mine with a hose and the marker build up comes right off.

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