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Over Easy Eggs without Flipping

Over Easy Eggs Without Flipping

Over Easy Eggs Without Flipping

If you like over easy eggs, but hate to flip them, here's a nice thing I learned while cooking for a living. Have a nice flat pan or a skillet that allows for a flat center. Get a squirt bottle with some water, and a good lid that covers the pan or at least the eggs.

Heat your oil or butter to warm, drop in the eggs and immediately make a circle of water around the edge of the egg(s). Cover and steam them till the yolks are white and not yellow. Voila! You have "Easy without the Over"! N-JOY

By Sandi from Salem OR



By Tina Siegl 26 71 03/03/2009 Flag

You've described frying an egg "sunny side up". When doing it sunny side up, some folks add a little water before covering and some don't. I learned to make them that way from a friend who is a chef when she saw me unsuccessfully making her an egg "over easy" and breaking the yolk on accident.

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By Cathy 11 72 03/03/2009 Flag

Gotcha! I know what you mean. You want your eggs to have a nice skin on top, not as yellow and runny as sunny side ups. This is a nice, neat way to do it. Sometimes we just pour a little water in as soon as the egg bottoms have cooked a little, and cover the pan with a lid. Or, as you said, just use a small pan lid to cover just the eggs, which is another great tip in itself. It works great! thanks for posting this!

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By Holly 367 1,263 03/05/2009 Flag


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By Barbara Snyder 13 98 03/07/2009 Flag

Thank you very much! I have been tring to make over easy for hubby for a long time and they never look good or nice and they run too, so again thank you.

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By Donna 308 323 11/12/2009 Flag

This is similar to poaching too. Very cool!

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