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Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line

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house with trees

Roots growing into your sewer line can cause a lot of problems including backed-up plumbing. This is a guide about getting rid of roots in a sewer line.



Here are questions related to Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line.

Question: Getting Rid of Tree Roots in the Sewer Line

What can I use to keep tree roots from growing into my plumbing? I had a real bad backup recently. I mean even into the washing machine. The plumbing bill was almost $500.00, not to mention the all day cleanup. The plumber said the problem was tree roots growing into the pipes. I've heard there's something you can put in your drain that will dissolve roots and prevent this problem. Anyone know what it is and where I can get it? I don't know what kind of pipes I have. The house was built in 1973 and was considered state of the art then. It is not a septic tank, it is city plumbing. Removing the trees is not an option (most of them aren't even mine).

By Joanie from South Norfolk , VA


Most Recent Answer

By Phyllis Oltrogge P.04/15/2013

I have a plumber friend that told me after lines were roater rooter out to put salt in the water tank of toilet to kill root,especially in spring & fall. I bought a cattle salt block & I chip off some of it & put it in the tank. I haven't had any trouble for years.

Question: Killing Roots in a Sewer Line

What is a good way to rid tree roots in the sewer lines? Our landlord will not pay to have this fixed.

Rebecca from Provo, Utah


Most Recent Answer

By Marti S. [20]04/15/2013

Check with your state for the booklet Tenants and landlords. In most states, the landlord is held responsible for the sewer line on his property. The land is his property, you are only renting.

Question: Roots in Sewer Lines

How do I know if I have roots in my sewers?

Nora from Canada

Most Recent Answer

By nora [1]03/14/2009

Thank you Kvaak, Lgoff15, Kimsis, for all your input. Nora

Solutions: Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line

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