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Waxing a Fiberglass Bathtub

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I have a chocolate brown fiberglass bathtub (we built in the 70's, what can I say). The tub seems to show every water spot and I was told to wax it. Has anyone every done this, what kind of wax do I use and how often?




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By greenercleaner09/03/2011

I have been in several bathrooms where the owner waxed her showers walls with car wax and the bathroom smelled like car wax. I figure if you can smell it there has to be something in the air to smell and I do not want steamed car wax in my childrens' lungs.

By Kat (Guest Post)11/06/2008

I just built a house and did the final walk thru with the warranty manager. He also suggested using car wax on the shower walls and sides of the tub (again not on the bottom of the tub as it would dangerous). According to him you should only have to wax it every 6 months. He also warned me against using abrasives such as Comet and Ajax to clean my shower and tub. SoftScrub is what he suggested using to clean.

By Je and Me (Guest Post)03/24/2008

I started to use Tubwax wax and care products on my tubs and sinks to protect from the hardwater I have. My tub looks great and is easy to clean. I found the products at They also say not to wax the bottom of a bathtub because it will make it dangerously slippery but to wax the edges, walls, and around the drain.

By Jo (Guest Post)09/23/2005

I have a fiberglass tub and shower and also a fiberglass hot tub. I wax them both every year. Gel Gloss is made for fiberglass. I also use a squeegy on the flat parts to get rid of the water spots, and no built up.
I use auto chrome polish on the fixtures

By suzi homemaker (Guest Post)09/23/2005

There is a product called Gel Gloss specifically for tubs and shower walls to prevent hard water build up. It's about $6 but it really works good! I bought mine at Ace Hardware Store.

By slw1299 (Guest Post)08/30/2005

Car wax gives it a great sheen! However, do NOT wax the floor area - it will be extremely slippery and very dangerous!!

By Dee [3]08/30/2005

Good thing is chocolate brown is coming back in style. and regular car wax is good to shine up the tub. put on just like you would on a car.... try using a squeegy after using the tub/shower to get all the water spots.

By Claudia (Guest Post)08/30/2005

I had my enamel tub refinished and the guy suggested car wax, the kind in a tub. Haven't tried it, but it's supposed to help keep the tub clean and free of mineral buildup/spotting. I wasn't told how often, but I would probably do it when you see that the water isn't beading up on the surface anymore.

And in case you have glass shower doors, another great Thrifty Fun solution is scrubbing them down with Calgon Bouquet.

Good Luck!

By (Guest Post)08/29/2005

Don't wax a tub-it will be dangerously slippery when wet

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