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Broken Couch Frame

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So my slightly obese roommate has managed to damage our very nice couch. From what I can tell, the frame has cracked/splintered in two places on the part of the couch where your back would rest from him crashing down onto it. What would the best way to repair this? Do I need to cut into the fabric? Thanks for your help.

Pete from Boston, MA


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By Melissa (Guest Post)07/27/2008

The back of my couch frame was sat on and the wood seems to be broken off almost completely. I'm not sure if glue will repair this completely or if there is any way really. Any suggestions other than glue? Or will the glue work perfectly fine? How long should I leave the glue on to dry if that is the only way?

By dakota [4]05/03/2008

Turn the sofa upside down, carefully remove the staples around the bottom. The sides of the back probably have a tack strip, so pry that off also, being careful not to rip the fabric. Keep removing whatever you need to expose the broken frame. Then using a good wood glue and clamps repair the broken wood. replace the fabric in the order it was removed. If necessary, take pictures as you remove each piece so you remember how it is constructed.

By Ted Norris (Guest Post)05/02/2008

If it's a clean brake get some Gorilla Glue and have a way to push it back in place, put the glue on one side of the brake, DON'T use very much clamp it or hold it in place somehow and let the glue do it's thing, if you get a good fit useing this glue the wood around the glue joint will brake first, it's strong stuff.


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Archive: Broken Couch Frame

The center of my couch frame (front of couch, just above and between the legs) appears to be cracked, broken, or has come loose. When I sit on the couch, the face of the base bows from the center toward he floor. Is there anything I can do o re-enforce the frame?

Jim from Germantown, MD

RE: Broken Couch Frame

If you are handy remove the front fabric. You will have to take off the dust under fabric but loosen the staples from the couch fabric or you may not have to do this. Just remove the under fabric and hopefully you will see the frame and nail another board behind it to "splint" the broken board and replace the fabric (04/25/2006)

By Lois

RE: Broken Couch Frame

You can reinforce a broken frame with metal straps, available from any hardware store. They are about 4 inches long, with screw holes at each end. Sometimes, they come with screws. All you do is push the wood back into place, then screw the straps on the face of the wood, where they won't show. Use two of them, spaced about an inch apart. (04/25/2006)


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