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Repairing a Broken Couch Frame

Man Repairing a Broken Couch Frame

Fixing a broken couch may seem daunting, especially when it is covered with upholstery. This is a guide about repairing a broken couch frame.



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Question: Broken Couch Frame

So my slightly obese roommate has managed to damage our very nice couch. From what I can tell, the frame has cracked/splintered in two places on the part of the couch where your back would rest from him crashing down onto it. What would the best way to repair this? Do I need to cut into the fabric? Thanks for your help.

Pete from Boston, MA


Most Recent Answer

By Melissa (Guest Post)07/27/2008

The back of my couch frame was sat on and the wood seems to be broken off almost completely. I'm not sure if glue will repair this completely or if there is any way really. Any suggestions other than glue? Or will the glue work perfectly fine? How long should I leave the glue on to dry if that is the only way?

Question: Repairing a Broken Couch Back

I have a suede 2 piece sectional. The back of the couch wood broke kinda in half. Can you tell me what to do and if I remove the staples should I get a staple gun to put the fabric on and can the wood in the back be saved?

By Fia from Pittsburg, CA


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [6]12/16/2014

This does sound like a repair that you might be able to do yourself, but I would suggest you find someone who can help you, since you do not sound like you have a lot experience with home repair. I would think that you have to replace the broken piece of wood, and if the upholstery material is stapled on, you will need a staple gun to reapply it.

The first thing you need to do is to take it apart and see what you are dealing with. It may be that it is not worth fixing, and that you toss it and find a replacement piece. However, if you think you will be able to repair it, try googling for information about re-upholstery and furniture repair.

Question: Repairing a Sofa Frame

The wooden seat slat of the sofa frame is broken in half. The break is thorough enough that replacement is a must. It is also located at one end of the seat frame, thus an area of high wear and tear. Is replacing the slat possible without disassembling a great deal of the sofa? What materials will be needed? I've no prior experience with this type of repair. Information would be greatly appreciated.

By K.I.D.

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